These Donut Ice Cream Cones Are Your New Favorite Thing In The World


If you haven’t been to Prague lately, you need to go if only to taste these new donut ice cream cones

Donut Ice Cream Cones

So this new thing that gets everyone talking is these donut ice cream cones, and you should flip out about it right about now

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These babies are being done at Good Food Coffee and Bakery which is in Prague ( Sorry )  Lately people just folded Instagram with pictures of these delicious cones, and it’s easy to see why

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They are build from a cinnamon-sugar-covered cone made out of the same metarlies as a donut, and it’s stuffed with creamy ice cream.

The cones are made by putting the dough on trdelniks, AKA ” Chimney cakes”, it’s a hollow, cylindrical that makes the cone shape:

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Than you place some nutella inside, or berry compote

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And fill it with ice cream:

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yeah i’m gonna need like 12 of these please


Source: Buzzfeed | Refinery29