Disney’s Donald Trump Robot Looks Like Hillary Clinton According To The Internet People And We Can’t Unsee It Now

Disney, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have something very strange in common. Curious what it is? Let’s see!

Disney, the most magical place in town, has made a refurbished Hall of Presidents exhibit Monday with the newly acquisition of the American Presidency, Donald Trump. Nothing too unusual here, right? Well, why would Disney meddle with politics, you might ask yourself, but let’s get over that.

Anyways, we got a sneak peek of how Donald Trump will look like in the new Disney Hall of Presidents and he kind of looks like…someone we might know from somewhere else…


Now, first things first, he looks quite not like the Donald Trump we know. They might have had a good time making him. Secondly, if you take a closer look, you might find some Hillary Clinton in there. At least, that’s what the people of the Internet observed. Maybe there is even some Jon Voight in there, too…

What were they thinking? Maybe they just wanted to have fun on a Saturday night, you know…


Disney’s Hall of Presidents closed in January just before Trump became the president of USA and was said to reopen on June 30th. But, even so, Disney has delayed the reopening with 6 months and there are some voices saying that Disney was sure Hillary would be the new president of the United States. If this is the case, then Disney might have tried to remodel the Hillary Clinton robot to look like Donald Trump and the result is a Donald Trump-Hillary Clinton mashup.


Now, why would Disney recycle one when they have some considerable amount of money to make 10 Donald Trump robots whenever they want. I mean, if you were Disney, you would have some extra cash to make a new Donald Trump from scratch rather than repurposing Clinton’s


So, what is going on, Disney?

Truth is Donald Trump looks a little too feminine in this picture

“Make sure the idiot in the Oval Office sees this”. That is some statement


No, it isn’t just you. We are starting to believe that, too


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