Cute Ceramic Face Pots Given a Cool Hairdo When You Add a Plant

Quirky Ceramic Face Pots 1

We used to see gigantic porcelain and ceramic vases that are known to be great adornment in the house but artist Jennifer Hinkle ventured into creating small and cute ceramic planters that will surely bring pleasant beauty in the bathroom, living room or kitchen of every house. Through her shop Hinkleville, her handmade pots that are designed with sweet and tiny faces that are glossy are out for selling.

Each one of her handcrafted creations depicts the same sort of expressions where the eyes are closed. A sense of uniformity among her many creation is being established.

The entire beauty of Hinkle’s creation will be more emphasized with the flower or plants placed into it. It’s just like they are having a great hairdo. If you prefer to change the plant from time to time, you can do it. It’s like the ceramic is also having a new makeover as often as you desire.

The “citizens” of Hinkleville are available on Etsy.

Quirky Ceramic Face Pots 2

Quirky Ceramic Face Pots 3

Quirky Ceramic Face Pots 4

Quirky Ceramic Face Pots 5

Quirky Ceramic Face Pots 6

Quirky Ceramic Face Pots 7

Quirky Ceramic Face Pots 8

Quirky Ceramic Face Pots 9

Source: MyModernMet



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