These Cute Ceramic Animals Will Melt Your Heart One Tea Pot At a Time


Looking for unique gifts or something to cheer you up? Pho ceramic animals is the answer. What are they? They are pots, cups, vases in the form of animals and they are custom made. They are quite practical and very, very cute, wouldn’t you say? You can use them to drink tea or coffee or you can eat your morning cereals in them. You can store your jewels in them or just simply use them as containers for everything you got around the house (that is as small and cute as them, of course). You can, also, use them as money boxes, or you name it, sky is the limit.

You can find them on Etsy here New items are listed every week and they also do custom orders.

On speaking about what inspires him, the creator behind them says: “I get my inspiration from the people’s reactions when they first see one of my animals. The joy and sheer surprise that comes from that first impression creates an enormous burst of creative energy that I spill into a piece of clay”

The creative process is not easy, nor short. One product can take even a couple of weeks until it becomes the cute, loving animal that you are about to see below.

#1 Is that a cute little dinosaur ceramic animals piece and his friend, the stag?

ceramic animals 2


#2 These three little fellows will definitely make your day shine brighter

ceramic animals 3

#3 How would you name these two?

ceramic animals 4

#4 What a nice haircut he’s got (Oh, wait, that is a plant!)

ceramic pot 5

#5 Hello, there, little blue cute thing!

ceramic pot 6


#6 “Hello! I’m the sugar hypo animal ceramic. Nice to meet you!”

ceramic pot 7

#7 Too much cuteness in a single picture!

ceramic pot 8

#8 “Who is more beautiful? Me or the flowers?”

ceramic pot 9

#9 “Meditating…on our cuteness”

ceramic pot 10


#10 “Hello! Do you want a cup of cuteness?”

ceramic pot 11

#11 “I’m not fat, I’m just orange!”

ceramic pot 12

#12 “Do you like my little green tail?”

ceramic pot 13

#13 Triple the fun

ceramic pot 14


#14 Why so sad?

ceramic pot 15

#15 “Want some sugar?”

ceramic pot 16

#16 This…wonderful

ceramic art 17

#17 We want it!

ceramic art 18

#18 What a big mouth you got there!

ceramic art 19


#19 We love the colors!

ceramic art 20

#20 The eyes!

ceramic art 21

#21 “Look! It’s breakfast!”

ceramic art 22

#22 “Who’s fatter? It’s him, not me, right?”

ceramic art 23

#23 What about a penguin cup of tea?

ceramic art 24

#24 Cute little fellows

ceramic art 25

#25 “We’re riding on each other’s back. That’s true friendship”

ceramic art 26

#26 Can we have those, please?

ceramic art 27

#27 “Look into my eyes!”

ceramic art 28

#28 Beautiful color and nice little fellow

ceramic art 29

#29 Gazele, please join us!

ceramic art 30

#30 Aww!

art animals 31

#31 “I’m undercover…undercover…”

art animals 32

#32 Breakfast in the family

art animals 33

#33 Meet the cute ceramic animals family!

art animals 34

#34 *melting*

ceramic animals 35

#35 “We hope you liked us. Come visit another time!”

ceramic animals

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