Edible Chocolate Legos Created By Artist And Designer Akihiro Mizuuchi

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My mother always told me not to play with my food. But if you put chocolate Legos down in front of me, I’m going to play with them. I’m going to build something weird with them and then eat them all. Maybe I’d build the empire state building and pretend to be King Kong. Only I wouldn’t be climbing it, I’d be taking huge bites out of it, gorilla style.

Illustrator and designer Akihiro Mizuuchi designed these edible chocolate legos building blocks. The process of making these Legos was simple. The melted chocolate is poured into moulds and then popped out when it hardens to be used just like real Legos.

It’s not exactly proven that they fit well together, but there are pictures of some pretty neat creations made with them. You have to work with them fast, though, as they probably melt quickly in your hands.

Take a look at the pictures of these yummy chocolate Legos and leave your thoughts in the comments. What would you build with these edible blocks?

Japanese artist and designer created a child dream with these edible chocolate legos

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The bricks come in colors pink, white, milk and dark. And yes, they are totally functional

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As you can see from the images below, the artist built a chocolate robot to show the lego chocolate bricks work

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While they sure look cool and the idea is great, we see one major flaw in this…

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Think about sitting down with your child and starting to build a tower out of these…

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Pretty sure somewhere like 5 minutes into it, you and your child will just eat the whole thing

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Who can resist chocolate right?

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If you made it through this post without going to the fridge and taking a piece of chocolate, you’re a strong person

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Notice the details on each brick. Amazing work

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