11 Childhood Vs Adulthood Illustrations That Pretty Much Sums Up Our Life


Childhood vs adulthood, the ultimate battle between trying to stay young and finally accepting you’re becoming older and older. There is no escape )

the funny illustrations below show what’s it like to be a child and how you deal with everyday problems and issues versus what’s it like being an adult and how differently you look at the world.

What do you prefer? Being an adult or a child? To each there are many upsides and down sides, when you’re a child you can get away with a lot of shit and nothing is that important. It only seems that way in your head.

But when you’re an adult. You look at life in a whole new light, things that was once huge and complicated are now simple and childish, we always say as an adult ” if we only knew than what we know now ” we could have a better life right? Well that’s life for you in a nutshell people.

browse this list of childhood vs adulthood illustrations and tell us which is the most accurate one for you.

1. Loving to read as an adult



2. This childhood vs adulthood graphic pretty much says it all3966184F-BBEE-4D57-BC8D-D4EB019664E9

3. Totally right!


4. Our parents always know best


5. Changing the crush that does nothing to a handy man



6. We always want to cheat on tests


7. The pants you were too embarrassed to wear as a child are now your favorite clothing item


8. Not sure this is accurate though…no one wants to end a vacation


9. Worrying as an adult for the kids



10. Teen goals vs mon goals


11. I can confirm this


If you find any of these childhood vs adulthood illustrations accurate and can reflect your on your own life, why not share them with some of your friends. We’re sure they will love to laugh too.