Couple Biking Across USA Collecting Trash Along Their Way


“As of May 8th, we have biked 475 miles and have removed more than 171 pounds of trash.”

This is what Seth and Abby reported during week two of their “Packing It Out” tour. The simpatico couple, that you can see in the photos below, decided to cross the country on their bikes and collect as much garbage as they can along the way. 

This interesting idea should inspire others to do the same and the result will be a cleaner country for us all! Isn’t that wonderful?!

Seth and Abby’s bike tour route. Cumberland Island National Seashore – the starting point. 

biking accross USA collecting trash 2


“Our mission: Collect trash and inspire others to leave the environment better than they found it.”

biking accross USA collecting trash 3

“Our biggest challenge? Enduring the sweltering heat and getting our bodies used to biking on a daily basis.”

biking accross USA collecting trash 4

Bike trailers to haul large loads – “So far, having a Bob Trailer to haul out the trash has been a huge help. During the past ‘Packing It Out‘ initiatives, we’ve carried out this type of poundage on our backs.”

biking accross USA collecting trash 5

“One of the most incredible and equally unnerving aspects of the start of these endeavors is the unknown…. What will tomorrow be like? What type of trash will we find? Where will we sleep?”

biking accross USA collecting trash 6


“Until the answers are unearthed, we will keep focusing on the present moment and leaving it better as we go.”

biking accross USA collecting trash

If you like what Abby and Seth are doing you can join them! “Join us at our next cleanup in Asheville, N.C., where we will be tackling the Elk Mountain Scenic Highway. Register for the event here. “

biking accross usa colleting trash 7

Also, don’t forget to follow this interesting couple on Instagram and Twitter. Detail information about their “Packing It Out” tour, you can find at their blog.

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