What She Created With These Candies Will Make You Drool


Youtuber Cheri from The Watering Mouth, has graced us with another ingenious concoction – peppermint shot glasses! This is a great idea for the holidays. It’s not just festive with the custom peppermint look, but it makes any liquid in the glass taste like peppermint as well! In the video, she uses Irish Creme Liqueur, but you can use different alcohol or non-alcoholic beverages as well. This video makes you want to make them just for the dance breaks!

These are a smart, cute substitute to basic shot glasses – and easy to do! All you need are peppermints, an oven, a shot glass to mold the DIY glasses off, and drinks! These are also wonderful because you can prepare them ahead of time, they wouldn’t get in the way of all the other baking you may be doing.

These are darling shot glasses, you will be getting a lot of compliments on how cute they are! Plus, they’re easy to make and not very time-consuming. Take a look, thanks Cheri!

Source: Littlethings



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