23 Birds With Arms You Need To See Today. Seriously!

Birds with arms is something you need to see today. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it and you’ll be begging for more. Now, why would a bird want to have arms instead of wings? These little things that we call arms are useful, it’s true, but when you have wings that can get you up in the air, what else should you wish for? It’s time to look a little bit into the history of this meme series and then get back to the actual bird with arms.

Birds with arms was first a thing in 2008 when a thread featuring birds with human arms began to draw attention on the Reeelapse Forums.  It was created on August 11th and it was titled: “Post pictures of birds with arms”.  Almost one year later we get another thread, this time on the Something Awful Forums. The title was: “Photoshop Arms Onto Birds!…Seriously”. Yes, seriously! Do that and you’ll see the magic.  Then we get a Tumblr topic blog called “Birds With Arms”, then another and on April 27th 2012, Sad and Useless published a post with “Birds with Arms”. Then Smosh took it over with “21 Pictures of Birds With Arms.

And here they are! Birds with arms you need to see! Seriously!

1. Birds with arms missing their wings a lot

birds with arms 18 (1)

2. Birds with no wings sorting things out

birds with arms 19 (1)

3. Birds at the altar

birds with human arms 20 (1)

4. Birds with strong arms after a month at the gym

birds with human arms 21 (1)

5. Birds have arms – Gladiator style

birds with human arms 1 (1)

6. Birds that can run running that extra mile

birds with human arms 2 (1)

7. Birds rapping rocking their style

birds with human arms 3 (1)

8. Birds with arms doing stuff around the house

birds with no wings 4 (1)

9. Birds in Sherlock Holmes style

birds with no wings 5 (1)

10. If birds had arms, would they shave their armpits?

birds with no wings 6 (1)

11. Put a pair of arms on a bird and you get a diplomat

birds with no wings 7 (1)

12. Birds looking tough

birds with no wings 8 (1)

13. Birds who know how to rock!

animals with arms 9 (1)

14. Birds who has arms can get naughty sometimes

animals with arms 10 (1)

15. Bird with sword fighting like gladiators

animals with arms 11 (1)

16. Flamingos singing Flamingo. What more can you wish for?

animals with arms 12 (1)

17. Birds with guns can get dangerous

animals with arms 13 (1)

18. Birds with sexy arms is something you cannot unsee

birds with arms 14 (1)

19. If birds had arms, we would have a much better Swan Lake ballet

animals with arms 15 (1)

20. How to get warm if you’re a bird who has a set of arms?! This is how!

birds with arms 16 (1)

21. Who said chivalry only belongs to humans?

birds with arms 17 (1)

22. Birds with human arms working out

animals with arms 22 (1)

23. “Wait, Wait! I’ve got something you might want!”

birds with arms 23 (1)


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