55 When You See It Pictures That Will Freak You Out

These pictures may seem boring at first sight, but when you see it…OMFG! Something freaky, creepy or just plain scary is hidden in all of these images. Please take a closer look at each picture and tell us in the comments how long it took you to spot the little thing that was hidden. If you want to add your own image, please share with us and we will add it. But please nothing too terrifying, i’m already too scared to scroll down as it is.

#1 When you see it

when we see it 1

#2 Did you see it yet? OMFG how creepy is this?!

do you see it 2

#3 When you see this…this is actually a video

#4 When you see this…it took my a while to spot this one

when you see this 4

#5 When you see this…go help the poor man

when you see this 5

#6 When you see this…LMAO

when you see this 6

#7 When you see this…what? I can’t see it please tell me what it is

when you see this 7

#8 Are you seeing this?…damn

when you see this 8

#9 When you spot this thing, man it’s a wild ride

when you identify it 9

#10 The grim reaper is waiting friend

when you identify it 10

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