Azuki, The Tiny Pygmy Hedgehog Decided To Go Camping And There’s Nothing Better Really

Here is little Azuki and already an Instagram famous person. If you don’t know him, please let us introduce him to you. Azuki is a very happy and energetic little guy who likes his cozy indoor life, surrounded by his loving human friend. He seemed to have great fun, massages, apples, hot baths, taking long naps in his soft blankets alongside his sister, Uni (@uni_desu). But  recently he decided it was time for a change of perspective and maybe scenery too. Not even his impressive collection of miniature hats, nor his nest-house couldn’t bring him joy. So he made his decision: It was time to go on a adventure. He went camping and it turned out to be the experience of his life.

With his own custom-made tent, tiny table and chairs, his miniature barbecue and kayak, Azuki decided to face the ultimate perils of the outdoors and just see where nature takes him. His human brought a camera and this way we are also able to share his adventure like we were there. In a very cute Instagram photo-diary, Azuki’s human friend documented all his adventures. His Instagram posts are hilarious, cute and will bright up your day any time. On one photo depicting Azuki on a woodland picnic, he writes: “lunch in nature feels better than usual” or “the stars were very beautiful at night”, while he is reclining in a miniature camp chair and looking at the sky.

After his big adventures in the woods that you are about to see in the pictures below, Azuki decided it was time to go home for Halloween. He’s preparing for the great celebration and you can keep up with his adventures on Instagram. We’re warning you: he’s adorable and his activities inspiring and bringing great joy. Enjoy! More info: Instagram

camping hedgehog azuki pygmy 1 (1)


camping hedgehog azuki pygmy 2 (1)

camping hedgehog azuki pygmy 3 (1)

camping hedgehog azuki pygmy 4 (1)

camping hedgehog azuki pygmy 5 (1)


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camping hedgehog azuki pygmy 8 (1)

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