Artist Creates Whimsical Illustrations Of Animals That Will Make Awesome T-shirts


Meet Jay Fleck from Shorewood, IL. He is a gifted designer and illustrator and you can describe his work to be bold and imaginative, usually his illustrations will feature animal pairings and other fantasy like creations like images of faraway lands and epic playgrounds or just beautiful compositions of color and shape. Jay says he is inspired by his childhood along with his experiences with his two young children. If you think his work looks familiar to you it might be because it was selected for print over twenty times already at and has been featured on products at the GAP and made it to the front page of, and other shops across the world, so yeah, he’s pretty well known. Jay is currently working on his first children book that is due to come out in the spring of 2016. Visit these social links for more: Website | Facebook 

jay fleck illustrations 1

Jay Fleck illustrations 2

Jay Fleck illustrations 3

Jay Fleck illustrations 4

Jay Fleck illustrations 5

Jay Fleck illustrations 6

Jay Fleck illustrations 7

Jay Fleck illustrations 8

Jay Fleck illustrations 9

Jay Fleck illustrations 10

Jay Fleck illustrations 11

Jay Fleck illustrations 12

Jay Fleck illustrations 13

jay fleck illustrations 2

jay fleck illustrations 3

jay fleck illustrations 4

jay fleck illustrations 5

jay fleck illustrations 6

jay fleck illustrations 7

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