Artist Creates Impeccable Celebrity Sketches With Pencil Scribbles


celebrity sketches 1

Portraits are not that easy to create, in fact one of  the hardest parts of a portrait is the human face. Even the renowned artists have a hard time to perfect the intricate details of the face. And most are not even Others able to perfect the face, but can perfectly draw a seamless-shape and well proportioned hands.

Vince Low, a Malaysian artist, didn’t just flawlessly draw perfect faces, but he can also draw it through scribbling lines and free patterns of shapes which will evidently look amusing and impressive. By the looks of the photos below, you would really appreciate the form of art he used because the portraits are very clearly recognizable.

Low meticulously layered tiny lines randomly drawn on a piece of paper to come up with nine perfectly portraits of popular Hollywood celebrities and actors which include, Morgan Freeman, Mr. Bean, Jack Nicholson, Will Smith Samuel L. Jackson and more.

Take a look at some portraits below and also check out some of Low’s artwork in his Behance page.


celebrity sketches 2

celebrity sketches 3

celebrity sketches 4

celebrity sketches 5

celebrity sketches 6

celebrity sketche 7

celebrity sketche 8

celebrity sketche 9


celebrity sketche 2

celebrity sketche 3

celebrity sketches 4

celebrity sketches

Source: Imgur | Complex



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