Artist Applied Old Age To Our Favorite Cartoon Characters


For the most of us, when it comes to celebrating our birthday, or crying that yet another year has passed and we are older, it’s something you get used to after a few years, Checking new grey hairs or hair line in general, medical check ups, you name it, every year it’s something new, but when you take something that is timeless and stick old age to it, you get something really special. That is exactly what Andrew Tarusov did when he created this cool gallery of old cartoon characters. Wile E. Coyote, Road Runner, Tom and Jerry and many others.

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In the gallery below you can see all these old cartoon characters like you never seen them before, Minnie and Mickey mouse are still cute as ever even with those sporting sensible heels and more swag version of Larry King. Does it make them more real? Perhaps, but it sure is fun looking at our loved toons in a different way. More info: Andrew Tarusov

Old Cartoon Characters  Tom and Jerry

old cartoon characters 1


Porky the pig

old cartoon characters 2

Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote

old characters 3

Daffy Duck

old characters 4

Donald Duck

old age cartoon characters 5

Old Cartoon Character Daisy Duck

old age cartoon characters 6


Buggs and Lola Bunny – what’s up doc?

old characters 7

Mickey and Minnie Mouse

old characters 8


old cartoon characters 9

Tweety and Sylvester

old cartoon characters 10

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Source: Imgur


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