These Cats And Dogs Doing Yoga Will Bring You Inner Peace

animals doing yoga 1

Since 2005 talented photographer Dan Boris has found his inner peace by focusing his artistic eye toward photographing cats and in the act of finding their own form of center. That’s right! Dan captures these limber critters in the midst of classic yoga moves.

The idea came to Boris when a friend wanted him to photograph her while she was in a practice yoga session. Her dog wouldn’t quit pestering her and that was when the idea came to him.  He began to manipulate the dog into different yoga stances and a great idea was born!  His collection of crazy canines and cats features everything from a Dobie doing the warrior I to a clever cat in full Asana position.

He emphasizes that the animals are never forced into any position, but are rather playing. If you check out the adorable photos, they sure look like they are having fun. The photos are produced to fill a Calendar.  The Calendar itself is then sold, with its proceeds going to animal shelters.

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