Watch And Listen To The Wintergatan Marble Machine That Plays Beautiful Music With 2,000 Marbles


Humans are amazing! This is one more proof that we can achieve almost anything we imagine if we put passion and knowledge into it. Martin Molin, in a fourteen months long process, designed a 3000-part machine which transforms kinetic motion of 2,000 marbles into beautiful music. It’s called The Wintergatan Marble Machine and the music it produces is probably what plays in heaven

marble music

Something that may seem at first sight like a cumbersome device loaded with marbles (?!), under Molin’s guidance becomes an interesting instrument producing an enjoyable sound which creates a very nice tune. Drum heads, cascades, funnels, glockenspiel keys and more are the parts of this amazing instrument over which marbles are being directed in various amounts and their falling, bouncing and sliding is being transformed into marvelous acoustic form.

Here’s a video of the music this marvelous machine creates:


The Wintergatan Marble Machine uses 2,000 balls that move around the machine through many tubes and holes and creating a sound every time they pass by a section


As you can see, the artist used a lot more than just wood here, there are strings, and plastic to create different sounds when the marbles pass through


It is so well designed that all of this looks so simple and natural. So it’s not wrong to say – watch this music! If you are interested in the process of making this unique machine you can also check it out  on YouTube.

Source: popsci

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