Forget About The Olympics, Look At These Adorable Twin Cats With Multicolored Eyes

Meet Iriss and Abyss. The twin cats that both have a condition called heterochromia iridum. Don’t worry, this condition causes them no harm or discomfort. It just causes them to have two different eye colors that look totally awesome.

In the case of Iriss and Abyss, one eye is blue and the other is a combination of brown and gold. This condition is not limited to animals, it happens to humans too.

The kitty sisters’ Russia-based “daddy” created an Instagram account just for them to share their glamour shots with the world. They even have their own logo and brand name! They are officially known as “Sis. Twins.” Have you ever seen anything more beautiful? Their snowy white fur makes their incredible eyes stand out like something out of this world. If you can’t get enough of these photos, check out more of Iriss and Abyss on Instagram. Comment below and tell us what you think of these gorgeous sisters!

twin cats 1

twin cats 2

twin cats 3

twin cats 4

twin cats 5

twin cats 6

twin cats 7

twin cats 8

twin cats 9

twin cats 10

twin cats 11

twin cats 12

twin cats 13

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