Ace Ventura Reboot Is Coming And Some Other Minor Surprises You Would Love To Hear


Everybody, fasten your seatbelts, there are going to be a few years of rebooting classic movies and TV shows ahead of us. We already know, officialy, that Morgan Creek Productions is turning into Morgan Creek Entertainment Group. After this move, they’ll look at their impressive library of works and begin rebooting. There are some major titles in their portfolio that they are looking at for rebooting: Young Guns, Major League and, of course, Jim Carrey’s Ace Ventura.

” Morgan Creek’s original movies are a perfect fit for reboots and they will be a great choice in a new time ” 

“Morgan Creek’s globally recognized brand and premium titles are an ideal fit for the extraordinary creative revolution taking place in the television and digital worlds today”, said David Robinson, the son of company founder James Robinson.

Now, going back to rebooting Ace Ventura, you’ll probably wonder: Will Jim Carrey take back his role as the funny and eccentric animal detective we all know and love? The officials at Morgan Creek Entertainment Group welcome this idea, but say that they are not going for a remake, they are looking at a “new movie in the spirit of the original”. This means that Ace Ventura’s long-lost son or daughter will step into his or her father’s steps and take over the role of a pet detective. They tried this with 2007’s Ace Ventura Jr., but it was quite badly received.

” We didn’t want to just create the same movie with new actors, we want to create a chronologic continuous to the original story ” 

“Young Guns”, which was released in 1988, is also up for a reboot, both for TV and a movie. The reboot is meant to bring a new group of young actors and not bring back anyone from the original cast.

Major League is eyed for a rebooting, too. Also, Diabolique, Pacific Heights and Nightbreed. What strong point for Morgan Creek in all these plans is that they have secured all the underlying rights for all of their properties. “Given the quality of our library, we are in a unique position among independent content-driven companies to take advantage of the many opportunities this new world presents, thanks to the foresight shown by James Robinson over the past 30 years”, say the officials.

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