95 Short People Problems Only People Who Need Help Getting The Sugar From The Top Shelf Will Understand

short people problems feat (1)

This short people problems post was created because i am also short. Just kidding, i’m average, but it’s no secret that short people have it much harder than most. Things on top shelfs, not really enjoying yourself at concerts because you only see the back of the person in front of you and not being able to shop for pants like a normal person. Could be very frustrating i’m sure you will agree.

As usual we here at The Awesome Daily got you covered on all things and this time we have a huge collection of pictures and tweets of short people sharing their daily struggles, all short people will relate to this post for sure. And don’t forget to also check the similar short girl problems post we wrote a while back.

1. The short people problems list was created for posts like this one

short people problems 1


2. Me at the little kids pool

short people problems 2

3. Telling someone he’s so short is very annoying

short people problems 3

4. Group pictures vs me. I lose every time

short people issues 4

5. Trying to reach the bottom…

short people issues 5


6. Tall people walk fast or short people just have tiny steps?

short people issues 6

7. Not cool Michelle, not cool

short people issues 7

8. Literally me, like every day

short people issues 8

9. This is my life in three pictures #beingshortsucks

short people issues 9


10. Mermaid blanket covers my entire body

short people issues 10

11. Clever way to ask a girl to the prom

short people issues 11

12. Standing under a truck’s mirror is the ultimate proof you’re short AF

short people issues 12

13. So he’s the weird one here

short people issues 13


14. This car is useless to me!

short people issues 14

15. When you need to fix your makeup but you’re short as hell

short people issues 15

16. Getting something from the top shelf can take all day

short people issues 16

17. And the same shirt is a dress on you

short people issues 17

18. Wearing kids sizes as an adult. YUP

short people issues 18


19. I get creative

short people issues 19

20. LOL, when an old lady needs to help you get something from the shelf you know you have short people problems

short people issues 20

21. This is a normal size coat

tiny people problems 21

22. This is actually dangerous

tiny people problems 22

23. No way i’m giving up on 40% more

tiny people problems 23

24. This is not meant for short people sorry

tiny people problems 24

25. LMAO! I love this

tiny people problems 25

26. Sitting on the edge of your seat – always

tiny people problems 26

27. Stop acting like i’m your arm rest

tiny people problems 27

28. Cooking turns into a workout

tiny people problems 28

29. Getting much needed help from my fellow short friend

tiny people problems 29

30. Yes, this happened a lot

tiny people problems 30

31. These things are not meant for short people sorry

tiny people problems 31

32. When people tell you how short you are

tiny people problems 32

33. Opening a window when you’re 5ft is no easy task

tiny people problems 33

34. The daily struggle

tiny people problems 34

35. Are you kidding me?! He thinks we’re the same age

tiny people problems 35

36. Can this relationship work?

small people problems 36

37. Never tell a tiny person he or she is small, or short

small people problems 37

38. No joke

small people problems 38

39. Can’t reach the middle of the car window to clear the snow. Short people problems right?

small people problems 39

40. I can’t be the bigger person. Ever.

small people problems 40

41. If you have to double check, you can’t

small people problems 41

42. HaHa, this made me laugh

small people problems 42

43. It’s like they search them out just to hide the view

small people problems 43

44. And she is not that short

small people problems 44

45. I’m not 15 dude, I’m 29. I’m just short SHUT UP!

small people problems 45

46. Hate when this happens

small people problems 46

47. This is so annoying and could be the worst on the small people problems list

small people problems 47

48. I never know when it’s time to move the car :(

small people problems 48

49. This is a dark text

small people problems 49

50. Why aren’t there any tiny kitchens for little people

small people problems 50

51. Standing on the side of your truck to clean the roof

petite people problems 51

52. Thanks tall dude, just move a little bit please

petite people problems 52

53. Because the blood stops and you’re a short person

petite people problems 53

54. What is this, pants for giants?

petite people problems 54

55. Normal height people don’t even know the struggle

petite people problems 55

56. Yup, that’s how you do it

petite people problems 56

57. You can’t see anything, it’s not safe

petite people problems 57

58. Sitting on every couch, everywhere

petite people problems 58

59. They never hide the sun because I’m too short

petite people problems 59

60. Just a bunch of short people problems in one place

petite people problems 60

61. Not sure here

petite people problems 61

62. What? That’s not how everyone does it?

petite people problems 62

63. Always in the middle seat, always!

petite people problems 63

64. Der Armour – LOL

petite people problems 64

65. Too short to use the bathroom mirror

petite people problems 65

66. When your daughter is taller than you

short people struggles 66

67. When your favorite thing is too high

short people struggles 67

68. When you never reach the floor

short people struggles 68

69. Some products are my size

short people struggles 69

70. Or in the drive through right?

short people struggles 70

71. I will kill you if you say these things to me

short people struggles 71

72. And you have a cookie rush

short people struggles 72

73. Too short to model

short people struggles 73

74. No pants fit me

short people struggles 74

75. You think i need to cut these a little bit?

short people struggles 75

76. We talked about this before, being short sucks

short people struggles 76

77. Really? Laugh? Not cool dude

short people struggles 77

78. Everyone thinking you’re the little sister

short people struggles 78

79. Calling a supermarket employee for help because you can’t reach the shelf

short people struggles 79

80. Even after he climbs the counter he can’t reach the top

short people struggles 80

81. Trying to get my food out of the microwave. How the hell did you get it in than?

short people awkward moments 81

82. Being mistaken for a 4th grader

short people awkward moments 82

83. Not everyone is 5.7 ok? Damn it clothing companies of the world

short people awkward moments 83

84. How many short people does it take to change a light bulb?

short people awkward moments 84

85. Perfect door size for me

short people awkward moments 85

86. Making pizza when you’re short

short people awkward moments 86

87. These are knee high boots, yup, I’m short

short people awkward moments 87

88. Trying to buy shoes like hellp

short people awkward moments 88

89. Do you want a kid’s menu? *throwing fists at the waiter

short people awkward moments 89

90. Come On man, even the toilet paper is too far

short people awkward moments 90

91. Oldest trick in the book of really tall people

short people awkward moments 91

92. Why is this mirror so high? Oh, never mind

short people awkward moments 92

93. Doing the most basic things is a struggle

short people problems 93

94. Trying to drive BF car

short people problems 94

95. I’m not short, everyone else is just a giant

short people problems 95