27 Short Girl Problems Every Tiny Girl Will Understand

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Being short sucks. Let’s not get confused here, there is nothing wrong with being short, but there are some problems only short people understand. This post is about these called short girl problems but it actually relates to both men and women because the issues they experience are pretty much the same, and this is the thing here, it’s experiences, not actual problems.

For example the most common problem every tiny girl or guy have is in concerts or any other gathering of people where everyone looks at the same direction. When you’re not tall, you only see the back of the person in front of you, if you’re lucky, other people notice your height and let you move forward to the front of the line so you could see. This is just one example out of many problems short people have, below are 21 more, read through them and let us know which one is the most common.

This gallery of awkward moments every tiny girl understands is for all those times, you didn’t see anything from the concert and no one cared.

1: Grocery shopping is a sport for short girls

short girls problems


2: You’re so tired of people pointing out to you that you are short, it’s getting a little bit ridiculous

short girls problems2

3: The kitchen is your daily workout routine

short girls problems

4: This is a skirt to all other girls, But a dress for me, yayyy

short girls problems

5: Your little brother will always do this to you, But his family so it’s cool, only family can make fun of you

short girls problems


6: Trying to take a selfie can be challenging, Can someone give me a chair or something

short girls problems

7: That’s as far as you go buddy

short girls problems

8: Every time you do laundry you feel like Alice going down the rabbit hole, a new adventure every wash

short girls problems

9: Driving? most of the time your feet won’t make it to the paddles, you need a special seat, like a little baby

short girls problems


10: Every jeans you get is too long for your tiny feet = Short girl problems

short girls problems

11: Tall people treat you like a kid. dude, I am older than you, back off!

short girls problems11

12: It doesn’t matter who’s in front of you, they’re taller, always.

short girls problems12

13: At concerts, you can only hear, but not see, It’s like only giants go to concerts

short girls problems13


14: When swimming, you can’t go past the 5 ft mark, because you’re short.

short girls problems14

15: You always get the ” Are you old enough ” experience in theme parks, Having to stand next to that sign like a 4 year old is not fun or funny.

short girls problems15

16: People will always treat you like a furniture, or a puppy, i hate that!

short girls problems16

17: You always go straight to the kids clothing section when shopping, because comeon, let’s be honest here

short girls problems17

Short girl problems  number #18 This is way too real

short girls problems18


19: You always have really tall friends. Right? It’s like why can’t i meet someone my own height

short girls problems19

20: You always have to look up at everyone = Short girl problems

short-short girls problems20

21: Kissing your boyfriend requires accessories when you’re a short girl

short-short girls problems21

22: When people feel they have to point out the obvious

23: You’re always the last to go anywhere right?

short girl problems 3

24: Every Maxi skirts turns into Maxi dresses

short girl problems 4

25: Sick and tired of explaining this to people

short girl problems

26: Shorty got problems yo

27: This happens, every,time.

short girl problems 2

Please share these tiny persons experiences with your friends if you can relate.

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