21 You Are Dog Now Pictures That Prove We Are All Dogs

humans look like dogs feat (1)

If you follow You Are Dog Now on Twitter and send a picture of yourself, they will show you a picture of a dog that looks just like you. If this seems unbelievable to you, just take a look at these photos. This is proof that everybody has a dog version of themselves.

I firmly believe that there’s a dog out there that looks like you if you were a dog. In fact, a lot of dog owners look suspiciously like their canine companions. If you don’t have a dog of your own, there is a way to find out what your “doggleganger” is.

There’s even a picture of President Obama and an adorable puppy making the same serious face that he always makes. I’m actually seriously considering getting on Twitter and finding my doggy look alike. I think you should too.

Leave your thoughts in the comments section and tell us if you have found your canine double yet.

1. President Obama you are dog now photo – This dog looks just like him

humans look like dogs (1)


2. Justin Timberlake and some dog

humans look like dogs 2 (1)

3. Cool hair bro – you are dog now for sure

humans look like dogs 3 (1)

4. That smile, she wins this post

humans look like dogs 4 (1)

5. Donald Trump nailed this dog hair…or the other way around

humans look like dogs 5 (1)


6. Hey Bernie, looking sharp my man

humans look like dogs 6 (1)

7. she looks shocked – why? Being a dog is fun

humans look like dogs 7 (1)

8. OMG the dog has better hair than she does

humans look like dogs 8 (1)

9. This counts. Snoop dogg is just a dog as a dog

humans look like dogs 9 (1)


10. Beautiful – match made in heaven

you are dog now 10 (1)

11. Love this sweet kiss

you are dog now 11 (1)

12. Trying to lick the bottom, what a total you are dog now move

you are dog now 12 (1)

13. It’s in the eyes

you are dog now 13 (1)


14. Flopping my hair like i just don’t care

you are dog now 14 (1)

15. Best one yet – looks very painful though

you are dog now 15 (1)

16. This dog has seen some shit

you are dog now 16 (1)

17. Don’t interrupt his afternoon snooze

you are dog now 17 (1)

18. Gotta say, the dog face is similar

you are dog now 18 (1)


19. Look at how much the dog is pleased with himself

humans look like dogs 19 (1)

20. How do you do this face?

humans look like dogs 20 (1)

21. Baby got game. ain’t no thing

humans look like dogs 21 (1)

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