27 Relationship Goal Memes that are so Real Every Couple Should Read

If you spend a lot of time on the web like I do you’re probably seeing a lot of memes of various kind. Memes got so complex lately, that you can put them in a lot of categories, from dog memes to politics memes, grumpy cat memes, historical memes to relationship goal memes. The list can go on for as long as you’d want, but we’ll stop at this point. Relationship Goal memes. What do you think of them? 

Most of them make you feel you want to roll your eyes over and over again, don’t they? But here we have something a bit different. It’s not about some slimy romantic statements or a pair in the position that is extremely uncomfortable. Here we have some real, cool stuff going on between various people and yes, some of them are filled with irony and sarcasm, but they are more real than most of the relationship goal memes you’ve seen recently, I’m sure. They just tell the story of how a relationship can go through a lot of ups and downs and how, at some point, two people can come to live peacefully with each other’s peculiarities.

Relationship Goals are all about balancing one’s need for a little bit of “me” time with the need for that significant other. If you keep this balance and respect your significant other’s needs, as well, then you can come to accept your differences and even make fun of them, in the long run. There are a lot of stuff that your boyfriend does that might annoy you, as there are a lot of things that a girlfriend does that might annoy the boyfriend. But if spoken in a joking tone and if discussed together, then these differences and little annoyances can turn into fun. These 27 Relationship Goal Memes speak just about that. And you should listen!

Take your time to scroll down and enjoy this gallery and don’t forget to share with us which one you liked the most. Fun is guaranteed!

1. Relationship goal Memes #1

relationship goals 2

2. Freedom of speech in a relationship. Relationship Goal Memes at their best


relationship goals 3

3. Making things more simple, not more complicated.

relationship goals 4

4. Taking things to another level.

couple goals 5

5. You both act as adults in a relationship.

couple goals 6

6. Showing how much you care all the time.

couple goals 7

7. When her wish is your command. Relationship goal memes on point

couple goals 8

8. A lot of mutual smirking…

couple goals 9

9. Logical explanations of unlogical behavior

couple goals 10

10. Satisfying each other needs

love bird goals 11

11. Being smooth, not pushy

love bird goals 12

12. Clear priorities are important when setting up your relationship goals list

love bird goals 13

13. Honesty is a good foundation of a relationship.

love bird goals 14

14. Expressing your feelings by comparison. Learn this from the right relationship goal memes

love bird goals 15

15. Hating each other.

love bird goals 16

16. Making your darling an April’s fool

relationship rules 17

17. Making plans together.

relationship rules 18

18. Eels should have fun in a relationship.

relationship rules 19

19. Respecting each other wishes

relationship rules 20

20. Surprising each other is also very important.

relationship rules 21

21. Puns are crucial for relationships, everybody knows that.

relationship rules 22

22. You know how to encourage your significant other. Use these relationship goal memes!

relationship goals

23. It happens. Relationships ain’t always sunshine and rainbows

relationship goal memes

24. Girlfriends need to eat. A lot.

relationship goal memes

25. Relationship goal level 3000!

relationship goal memes

26. The most sincere love of all!

relationship goal memes

27. Reality better be as good as these relationship goal memes

relationship goal memes

These relationship goals hit home with me and my wife. Feel the same way? Please share with your couple friends.

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