7 Types Of Foxes That Show How Mystical And Beautiful Animals This Species Really Is. #1 Just Amazes Me

There’s just something about foxes that makes them irresistible. They are beautiful and mystical animals and it’s not a wonder they took a great part in many nation’s folklore. We know you guys just adore them so here are some facts about various types of foxes that can be spotted across the planet. Enjoy scrolling down the gallery.

types of foxes #1 Fennec Fox

This cutie with big ears lives in the area of North Africa and the Sahara desert. Their unusual look has a lot to do with their habitat. The big ears have a purpose of dissipating their body heat which is extremely important having in mind high temperatures in the desert.

types of foxes 1 (1)

Image credits: Francisco Mingorance

You probably wonder if their hearing is as great as the size of their ears and the answer is – Yes. Fennec fox can hear their prey moving under the sand. Cream-colored fur protects them from the heat during the day and keeps them warm during nights. This type of fox is very special so it’s first on our list

types of foxes 2 (1)

Image credits: animalgalleries.org

Red Fox

The red fox is a real beauty among the species. They are the most spread kind type of foxes and you probably think of them first when you think of foxes. They can be found throughout the Northern Hemisphere and in Australia as well.

type of foxes 3 (1)

Image credits: Roeselien Raimond

Besides their looks, red foxes are well known as very skilled hunters. They are very agile and have been seen jumping over fences that are two meters high.

type of foxes 4 (1)

Image credits: Kai Fagerström

Red fox cubs are just adorable.

type of foxes 5 (1)

Image credits: Wenda Atkin

The red fox is the largest among all foxes.

type of foxes 6 (1)

Image credits: Roeselien Raimond

Marble Fox

Marble fox or the “arctic marble fox,” is a member of red foxes species.

types of foxes 7 (1)

This unusual fur is the result of human interfering and breeding. It is not natural variation.

type of foxes 8 (1)

Nevertheless, these types of foxes look amazing.

types of foxes 9 (1)

Gray Fox

This kind of foxes can be seen throughout North America. Their fur is very specific and nicely colored – “salt-and-pepper” upper coat and a black-tipped tail.

type of foxes 10 (1)

Image credits: Variegated Vibes

The specific characteristic of gray fox is that it is the only fox that can climb trees.

types of foxes 11 (1)

Image credits: John Pane

Silver Fox

The silver fox is kind of a red fox as well. They have simply different color of fur. This time it is a natural variation in pigments. The fur of the silver fox was the most valuable at one point of the time.

types of foxes 12 (1)

Image credits: Shelley Evans

The silver fox is still bred and farmed because of its valuable fur.

types of foxes 13 (1)

Image credits: Matt Knoth

Arctic Fox

This beauty’s habitat is as you may easily guess the Arctic Circle. Their beautiful white fur is very thick and keeps them from freezing at extremely low temperatures- as low as -70 degrees Celsius (-94 Fahrenheit).

types of foxes 14 (1)

Image credits: Daniel Parent

The low temperatures are also the reason these foxes have relatively short legs and snouts, it helps them retain the heat.

types of foxes 15 (1)

Image credits: imgur.com

types of foxes 16 (1)

Image credits: Einar Gudmann

types of foxes 17 (1)

Image credits: William Doran

types of foxes 18 (1)

Image credits: Cecilie Sonsteby


Cross Fox

This is one more variation of red fox species. The cross fox can be found mostly in North America.

types of foxes 19 (1)

Image credits: Ben Andrew

types of foxes 20 (1)

Image credits: Ben Andrew



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