58 Tea Infuser Designs That Will Turn Your Tea O’clock Into a Fun Break

It’s tea o’clock and we’re going to discuss one of the oldest and honourable socializing rituals of our world: tea time. Whether you’re doing it for the simple gesture or you’re doing it because you really like to drink tea, you got to have a good tea infuser and do something about making it a little bit more creative.

Since tea is the most popular drink in the world, today we’re going to show you a bunch of funny and creative tea infusers. Because why drink only tea when you can drink tea with style? Right? So, here they are:

1. Deep diver Tea Infuser ( because sometimes you have to dig deep down to get the perfect taste )

tea infuser

2. Mr. Tea filter (being a tea infuser can be very tiring)

tea infuser 2

tea infuser 3

3. Polar Bear Tea Bag Holder (for when you have to be chill)

tea infuser 4

tea infuser 5

4. Sharky drink Infuser (just some tea with some rough edges)

tea filter 6

tea filter 7

5. Tea Sub – Yellow Submarine Infuser (because who doesn’t love the yellow submarine?)

tea filter 8

6. Sweet Tea candy ball filter (this could be a really attractive tea for kids, also)

tea filter 9

7. Doctor Who Tardis Tea Infuser (let’s drink some tea!)

tea filter 10

8. Whale Tea filter (Willy? Free Willy!)

tea filter 11

9. Duckie Tea filter infuser (Daffy Duck’s nephews love tea)

tea filter 12

tea filter 13

10. Robot Tea steeper (no, you won’t turn into  robot if you drink it!)

tea filter 14

11. Cat Tea steeper (How sweet!)

tea filter 15

12. Manatea Tea steeper (a very relaxed and cool infuser)

tea filter 16

13. Octopus Tea steeper (it looks…promising!)

tea balls 17

14. Arta Tea Leaf Infuser (art and tea meet again)

tea balls 18

15. Audrey Tea steeper (because a little bit of colour in your tea never killed nobody)

tea balls 19

16.Tea.tanic (this time, it can sink with no problems)

tea balls 20

17. Teapot Tea steeper ( because why not?)

tea balls 21

18. Umbrella Tea maker (how about an umbrella tea?)

tea balls 22

19. Owl Tea maker (the wisest of them all)

tea balls 23

20.Rocket Tea maker (this tea will get you flying)

tea balls 24

21. Tea Infuser – Help! (“I’m trapped down here!”)

tea steeper 25

22. The little robot infuser (is he on Mars?)

tea steeper 26

23. The Alessi Tea Matter Melodic Tea Strainer (Elegant!)

tea steeper 27

tea steeper 28

24. Note Tea maker (“Play me some tea, would you?”)

tea steeper 29

25. Character Tea Infusers (“Stay in character! Stay in character!”)

tea steeper 30

26. Shell Shaped Tea maker

tea steeper 31

27. Swan Tea maker (elegant as always)

tea steeper 32

28. Sword Tea maker (not for the weak of heart)

tea steeper 33

tea maker 2513

29. Tea House Tea maker (Welcome to the house of tea!)

tea maker 34

30. Funny Tea Infusers – Dolphin (just chillin’ )

tea maker 35

31. Mr. P – Tea Filter (“Just relaxing while your tea is getting ready”)

tea maker 36

32. Mana-tea

tea maker 37

33. Death Star (Welcome to the dark side of tea!)

tea maker 38

34. Pug In A Mug Silicone Tea filter (the cutest of them all)

tea maker 39

35. Octeapus Tea Infuser

tea maker 40

36. Water Lily Tea Infuser (not your usual cup of tea)

tea maker 41

tea maker 254

37. Serengeti Tea Stick (Sticking to the tea)

tea maker 42

38. Tea Buddy (“Hello! Your tea is ready! Get me out of here!”)

drink infuser 43

39. Starfish Strainer (5 stars tea)

drink infuser 44

40. Octeapus Tea filter

drink infuser 45

41. Squirrel Tea filter ( just a squirrel philosophizing )

drink infuser 46

42. Pipe Tea filter (“How do you like your tea?” “In a pipe!”)

drink infuser 62

43. No, it doesn’t smell of fish!

drink infuser 252

44. Tea Bones Infuser (for the heavy metal lovers)

drink infuser 255

45. Candy Cane Tea filter (Want some candy-infused tea?)

drink infuser 256

46.Fish Tea filter (Swimming there for your best tea)

drink infuser 257

47. Test Tube Tea filter

drink infuser 258

48. Birdie Swing From Qdo

drink infuser 259

49. Shark Tea egg

drink infuser 2510

50.   Lemon Tea egg

drink infuser 2511

51. Tea Pop Infuser

drink infuser 2512

52. Yeti Tea egg

drink infuser 2514

53. Camellia – Floating Tea egg

drink infuser 2515

54. Squirrel Tea egg

drink infuser 2516

55.  Magisso Teacup

drink infuser 2517

56. T-rex Tea Infuser

drink infuser 2518

57. Marionette Tea

tea infuser 2519

58. Strawberry Tea Infuser

tea infuser 2520

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