These 24 Weird Animals Show Us We Don’t Know Our Planet Well Enough. Have You Got More, Earth?

We’ve got lions and tigers and elephants and monkeys and horses and… well, another 1,367,551 non-insect animal species currently unidentified as living on Earth. And this is reportedly only 1% of all animal species that ever lived on our planet. New and weird animals species are being discovered every year and we might never be sure as of how many are there, out there. And if even modern science is not familiar with all the animal species on this Earth, how can we know them all? We don’t. That is why we have selected for you a bunch of 22 strange animals that look quite unique and you might not have come across them so far.

So, have you ever heard of a Dumbo Octopus, Pink Fairy Armadillo, Star-Nosed Mole? No? Let’s see them:

1. Pink Fairy Armadillo (What’s up, doc?)

weird animals

weird animals 2

2. Aye-aye (“No, I’m not surprised. That’s just how I am!”)

weird animals 3

strange animals 4

3. The Maned Wolf (“What are you looking at?”)

strange animals 5

4. Tufted Deer (“I’m a dear deer, I know!”)

strange animals 6

5. Dumbo Octopus (No, he’s not a Pokemon) Strange animal indeed

strange animals 7

strange animals 8

6. Patagonian Mara (“I’m cute, right?”)

strange animals 9

7. Naked Mole Rat (well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder)

strange animals 10

8. Irrawaddy Dolphin (“I look nice, right?”) My favorite of the weird animals list

strange animals 11

weird animals 12

9. The Gerenuk (“I bet you’ve never heard of me. No wonder, I am not mainstream, I am better than that”)

strange animals 13

strange animals 14

10. Dugong (“Don’t you dare say a word!”)

creepy animals 15

11. The Babirusa (“I’m not a pig! Don’t call me that!”)

creepy animals 16

12. Lamprey (it looks like it’s just got out of a thriller movie)

creepy animals 17

13. The Fossa (is it a cat?)

creepy animals 18

creepy animals 19

14. Star-Nosed Mole (We’ll try to forget this face, though) OMG this is the creepiest animal i ever saw

creepy animals 20

15. Sunda Colugo (Hi there, cutie!)

creepy animals 21

16. Zebra Duiker (“I’m the special kind of zebra!”)

creepy animals 22

17. Yeti Crab (that’s a big one, yes!)

weird animals 23

18. Superb Bird of Paradise (“Excuse me! Do I look at the face or the behind?”) What is this strange animal?!

creepy animals 24

19. There you are!

weird animals 25

20. Blob Fish (he’s kind of the ugly duckling of the fish world) This weird animal is like something of the Alien movie

creepy animals 26

weird animals 27

21. Cantor’s Giant Soft Shelled Turtle (Soft, you say?)

creepy animals 28

22. Gobi Jerboa (the little wabbit)

creepy animals 29

Up on his tiny legs

weird animals 30

23.  Japanese Spider Crab (well, he speaks Japanese)

weird animals 31

24. The red-lipped kind of fish?

weird animals 32

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So, did you know any of these weird animals guys? Leave us a comment!


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