66 Funny Protesters Trolling People With Hilarious Signs

Peaceful protests can get very creative sometimes, especially when the people protesting are some really cool guys who really want to make a point about something, whether it is with the crowd or against it. This time, we’re talking about those people who show up at certain events with signs that mock the main event’s general opinion, like a man dressed up as Jesus and holding a sign saying “Jesus is cool with it”, while in the background there are people shouting “Homosexuality is sin! Return to Jesus!”

These people show that freedom of speech is for everybody and that we should all just speak our minds and do it creatively and peacefully. As you scroll down, you will also find signs trolling those people that go to a protest and don’t really know why. You’ll find lines like “I thought there were cookies”, “Is this Justin Bieber’s ticket line?”, “There’s gonna’ be beer?” . We’ve got to warn you, there are some pretty hilarious and smart guys that have achieved a 10000 level of trolling. Handle them with care!

All in all, this is a compilation of funny protesters trolling other protesters and you shall take it just as that!

1. Jesus is cool with it

funny protest signs trolling people 1 (1)

Image source: Karomars

2. San Diego LGBT Pride – they are, indeed, cute

funny protesters trolling people 2 (1)

3. Taking the jobs you don’t have

funny protesters trolling people 3 (1)

Image source: LeCarpeDiem

4. Pornography harms wrists

funny protesters trolling people 4 (1)

Image source: uncouthsilence5

5. Pro Life vs Pro Choice. You just have to walk in each others’ shoes

funny protest signs trolling people 5 (1)

Image source: schwanky

6. Trolling level: 10000

funny protest signs trolling people 6 (1)

Image source: PR3DA7oR

7. Why are you going to their public events, then?

funny protest signs trolling people 7 (1)

8. Let’s face it!

funny protest signs trolling people 8 (1)

Image source: doug3465

9. Do you recognize the guy? And his sign says it all

funny protest signs trolling people 9 (1)

Image source: shxrlocked

10. Muslim wives are not terrorists, but they are still wives…but not terrorists. Do you get it?

funny protest signs trolling people 10 (1)

Image source: FearlessFixxer

11. Jesus made it to a Gay Parade in Chicago

funny protest signs trolling people 11 (1)

Image source: stardust7

12. Keep your daughters hidden.

hilarious protesters trolling people 12 (1)

Image source: Will_Ryan_Post

13. It doesn’t matter what you are protesting against, it’s just got to be beer

hilarious protesters trolling people 13 (1)

14. Just McDonalds. You see it everywhere

hilarious protesters trolling people 14 (1)

15. If you want to quote the Bible…

hilarious protesters trolling people 15 (1)

16. So? Is it a hobby? Trolling level 12000

hilarious protesters trolling people 16 (1)

Image source: saturdaychores

17. This guy is a professional trolling artist

hilarious protesters trolling people 17 (1)

Image source: StigmaGrey

18. Ever tried it?

hilarious protesters trolling people 18 (1)

Image source: SwirlStick

19. Just a protester and his genius troll

hilarious protesters trolling people 19 (1)

Image source: Big Heritage

20. Fashions sins are also something hideous to see

hilarious protesters trolling people 20 (1)

21. This kid knows it best

hilarious protesters trolling people 21 (1)

Image source: FYMT

22. Rise against Candy Crush Invites

funny protest signs 22 (1)

Image source: stratola

23. This guy has probably had too much Christmas

funny protest signs 23 (1)

24. Darth Vader had enough of this

funny protest signs 24 (1)

Image source: love_the_heat

25. Evolution happens

funny protest signs 25 (1)

Image source: callmejuliette

26. Best advertisement in town

funny protest signs 26 (1)

Image source: saturdaychores

27. WestBoro Baptist Church get trolled big time

funny protest signs 27 (1)

28. Just some insecure, small-sized boys around here. Nothing to see

funny protest signs 28 (1)

Image source: 12thandDee

29. This one makes no sense

funny protest signs 29 (1)

30. Finding Nemo

funny protest signs 30 (1)

Image source: Andres Trujillo

31. Everybody deserves something

funny protest signs 31 (1)

Image source: JavaReallySucks

32. Terrible Medium

funny people trolling people 32 (1)

Image source: Abra

33. Verity Baptist Church, Hate Speech Preacher Roger Jimenez Protest

funny people trolling people 33 (1)

Image source: aaronm1981

34. In your face!

funny people trolling people 34 (1)

35. Just for the violence and adrenaline rush

funny people trolling people 35 (1)

Image source: Dan Kitwood

36. He protests for a good reason

funny people trolling people 36 (1)

Image source: haveitall

37. They just asked for a picture

funny people trolling people 37 (1)

Image source: jameth

38. Counterpunch

funny people trolling people 38 (1)

Image source: wools

39. Gay Marijuana!

funny people trolling people 39 (1)

40. Well, it looks like a straw

funny people trolling people 40 (1)

Image source: HackerMcCracker

41. Well, babies are grass, aren’t they?

funny signs trolling people 41 (1)

Image source: saturdaychores

42. Do you want some Jesus Burritos?

funny signs trolling people 42 (1)

Image source: mythrowawayaccount31

43. This is how an expert looks like

funny signs trolling people 43 (1)

Image source: saturdaychores

44. Glory to the hypno-toad

funny signs trolling people 44 (1)

Image source: comicsalliance

45. What are you guys doing at the after- party?

funny signs trolling people 45 (1)

Image source: Jason Pier in DC

46. Cheap bargain: Hand jobs- $5

funny signs trolling people 46 (1)

Image source: reddit.com

47. What’s that kid doing there?

funny signs trolling people 47 (1)

Image source: burstein

48. Everybody wants something else

funny signs trolling people 48 (1)

49. A valid point matters based on the size of the sign?!

funny signs trolling people 49 (1)

Image source: yadnulsirhc

50. They’re protesting in the name of Darth Vader, probably

funny signs trolling people 50 (1)

51. Born this way

funny cardboard signs trolling people 51 (1)

Image source: Leslie Springs

52. Who likes turtles? Put up a sign!

funny cardboard signs trolling people 52 (1)

Image source: Caobhin

53. Heavy sign, tired arms

funny cardboard signs trolling people 53 (1)

54. God does not hate!

funny cardboard signs trolling people 54 (1)

Image source: WesWoodell

55. A sign of honesty

funny cardboard signs trolling people 55 (1)

Image source: sunshinefuntime

56. Westboro Church Protest

funny cardboard signs trolling people 56 (1)

57. Then why are you in a crowd?

funny cardboard signs trolling people 57 (1)

Image source:  Chrysti Hydeck

58. Everybody’s got their reasons

funny cardboard signs trolling people 58 (1)

Image source: Abra

59. Just to make it clear…

funny cardboard signs trolling people 59 (1)

Image source: Betsumei

60. He probably got lost

funny cardboard signs trolling people 60 (1)

61. Just a sign

funny cardboard signs trolling people 61 (1)

Image source: Beadmobile

62. Everybody’s looking for something

funny cardboard signs trolling people 62 (1)

Image source: pahlhannah

63. Just a point in the crowd

funny cardboard signs trolling people 63 (1)

Image source: Ian Poley

64. Dealing With The Westboro Baptist Church The Only Way I Know How

funny cardboard signs trolling people 64 (1)

Image source: mataranha

65. Bored

funny cardboard signs trolling people 65 (1)

Image source: Ian Poley

66. You were told wrong

funny protesters trolling people 66 (1)

Image source: Kyle Rush

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