55 Cool Pictures That Will Make Your Day So Much Better

Are you looking for some cool pictures to set your background on the home screen of your iPhone? Maybe you just want some epic photos for a wallpaper. What ever the reason, this huge list of cool photos will help you. We hope to update this list from time to time so you can always come back to it and see the new photos, but i think these will do just fine for now.

Here at The Awesome Daily we often publish articles that feature some amazing images and unique things you don’t normally see everyday, and this gallery is no exception, we wanted to give you the best and coolest pictures we could find here so when you land on this page, your search is over. If we did a good job, please don’t forget to leave us a comment or simply share this post with your friends.

1. These four cool pictures are actually only one image

cool pictures

2. EPIC wave drawing using colorful pencils

cool pictures 2

3. This is called bismuth, and its surface is amazing

cool pictures 3

4. This is a wounded lion sculpture to honor the swiss soldiers who died protecting their country from the French revolution

coolest pictures 4

5. Have you ever seen a path laying machine? So cool!

coolest pictures 5

6. Truck moving on a bridge above icy water

coolest pictures 6

7. Watching Atlantis take off from the international space station

coolest pictures 7

8. I need this in my life! Cool power strip organizers

coolest pictures 8

9. Each layer of this loaf of art was created to form a complete picture. AWESOME

coolest pictures 9

10. This is not a glitch in the matrix, this is an actual furniture carved with the glitches already made. One of the coolest pictures here

coolest pictures 10

11. The back side of Hoover Dam. You rarely get to see this as it is filled with water

cool images 11

12. Turtle riding a jellyfish? No i’ve seen it all

cool images 12

13. This is the skin of a lizard who managed to shed her face in one clean stroke

cool images 13

14. When a lightning strikes. This is how it looks like. Cool picture indeed

cool images 14

15. This is your skull as a child before losing your baby teeth

cool images 15

16. Fish trying to eat an animal 10 times its own size cool images 16

17. Love this. Coins standing against gravity. COOL!

cool images 17

18. This is how Manhatten would have looked like 600 years ago. So peacful

cool images 18

19. Wanna ride Space Mountain with the lights on? Not so exciting isn’t it

cool images 19

20. How Hitler looked like before cutting his mustache into the familiar shape

cool images 20

21. Amazing photo of a sunset and eclipse at the same time

cool pics 21

22. This is how a cross section of an undersea cable looks like. And it’s pretty cool

cool pics 22

23. If you refocus your camera while taking a picture of fireworks as they explode, it looks like this.

cool pics 23

24. Pyrite cubes are perfect. This is a natural thing can you believe it?

cool pics 24

25. Marlon Brando before and after makeup for his role as The Godfather

cool pics 26

26. a ” UFO ” cloud

cool pics 27

27. Did you know there are one million different colors in this picture. If this isn’t cool, i give up

cool pics 28

28. Incredible horizontal bricks in a new restaurant

cool pics 29

29. How humans view the world at night ( top ) vs how cats see it ( bottom )

cool pics 30

30. This is a liter soda bottle before compressed air is inserted. So tiny right?

cool pics 31

31. Cool 3D printed cast uses ultrasound to heal bones 40% faster.

epic pictures 32

32. New GE CT scanner is so accurate it actually looks like this

epic pictures 33

33. An a crypted flash drive. Good luck stealing data from this device

epic pictures 34

34. This is the world’s deepest swimming pool. It’s 113 feet deep and has 600,000 gallons of water

epic pictures 35

35. Runway at Gibraltar has a road crossing block

epic pictures 36

36. This is a Meteorite and it’s pretty cool

epic pictures 37

37. After a fire, this melted glass was all that was left

epic pictures 38

38. Southern California border fence and it’s beautiful sand dunes

epic pictures 39

39. A cross section of a commercial plane

epic pictures 40

40. This is not an actual living wolf. It’s a sculpture of a wolf made from pipe cleaners. Looks so real

epic pictures 41

41. A giant sword sculpture in Norway

awesome pictures 42

42. 16 ships were caught in this sand bar – This is Bermuda triangle

awesome pictures 43

43. Cabbage is so geometric

awesome pictures 44

44. This is how a watch looks like from the inside

awesome pictures 45

45. More than 20,000 holes were drilled in this egg shell to create this magnificent and cool picture

awesome pictures 46

46. Lady liberty emerges through the fog

awesome pictures 47 (1)

47. Dunking the moon

awesome pictures 48

48. I love this picture!

awesome pictures 49 (1)

49. Don’t fall!! Don’t worry, this is just an optical illusion

awesome pictures 50 (1)

50. Completing the scene with a 5 dollar bill

awesome pictures 51

51. Space shuttle shooting through the clouds

awesome pictures 52

52. Amazing optical illusion photo of a man looking directly at the camera but also to the side

awesome pictures 53

53. Put a dog face on it. My favorite of the cool pictures

awesome pictures 54

54. Beautiful girl standing in the beautiful light

cool pictures 55

55. Taking a submerged photo is hella cool

cool pictures 56

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