43 Mind Boggling Questions That Will Leave Your Brain On The Side Of The Road

Do all the questions have the answers? Hmmm… this question is mind boggling, just as more than these 40+ mind boggling questions in the gallery below that you can use to take your brain on a walk with no particular goal…

Are you ready for some out of body Q&A? This post might take you a while, so sit back and relax and clear your schedule before you start, because some of these questions will leave you pondering for hours LOL.

Let’s check them out, just for fun!

1. Is a cyclops winking or blinking?

mind boggling questions 1 (1)

2. How could you give a homework to a homeless student?

mind boggling questions 2 (1)

3. If prunes are dried plums, where does prune juice come from?

mind boggling questions 3 (1)

4. Pinch yourself and if it hurts what does it mean? That you are too strong or too weak?!

amazing questions 4 (1)

5. Could God microwave a burrito so hot that he couldn’t eat it?

amazing questions 5 (1)

6. Are eyebrows a facial hair?!?!

amazing questions 6 (1)

7. What was the question?!

amazing questions 7 (1)

8. If there are microwaves are there also micro surfers?

amazing questions 8 (1)

9. Have you noticed that we are closer to 2030 than to 2000?

astonishing questions 9 (1)

10. Where did barn owls live before there were barns?

astonishing questions 10 (1)

11. Are a brain transplant and a body transplant the same thing?

astonishing questions 11 (1)

12. Why boogers don’t smell?

astonishing questions 12 (1)

13. In the word “scent”, is it the “s” or the “c” that is silent?

astonishing questions 13 (1)

14. When you say for something that is indescribable, didn’t you just describe it?

staggering questions 14 (1)

15. Imagine having a wooden boat and then replacing one board after another until all the boards have been replaced… Is that a new boat?

staggering questions 15 (1)

16. Think about random vacation photos…On how many are you in.

staggering questions 16 (1)

17. Maybe crabs are wondering if fish are flying…what do you think?

staggering questions 17 (1)

18. We are all going to die one day…so, if it is like we are living or we are dying?

staggering questions 18 (1)

19. When you drink water, think of how many people it has been through.

stunning questions 19 (1)

20. Do people who are born deaf hear a voice in their head while they are thinking?

stunning questions 20 (1)

21. The word “queue” – just one letter followed by four silent letters…Right? Or not…

stunning questions 21 (1)

22. Can a hearse drive in the carpool lane if is driving a dead body?

stunning questions 22 (1)

23. Have you seen some wild bird more than once?

stunning questions 23 (1)

24. If something costs $9,9 and you are willing to pay it, you’ll probably don’t mind paying it $10…But where does it stops… at $10,1, $10,2…

mind blowing questions 24 (1)

25. Is it crazy how saying sentences backward creates backward sentences saying how crazy it is?

mind blowing questions 25 (1)

26. This question hunts my dreams

mind blowing questions 26 (1)

27. At the beginning there was nothing

mind blowing questions 27 (1)

28. Did we just blew your mind?

mind blowing questions 28 (1)

29. How do you know that red color is actually red?

stupendous questions 29 (1)

30. What is the present?

stupendous questions 30 (1)

31. Because somebody cared.

stupendous questions 31 (1)

32. That’s how the big marketing companies get you

stupendous questions 32 (1)

33. Seems like it yes.

stupendous questions 33 (1)

34. I usually try and photobomb random people’s photos

stupendous questions 34 (1)

35. It’s a renewed boat

wow questions 35 (1)

36. Do we really know the size of the universe?

wow questions 36 (1)

37. YUP, it perfectly is.

wow questions 37 (1)

38. Movie ruined forever

wow questions 38 (1)

39. this is so crazy!

wow questions 39 (1)

40. Bet you don’t know the answer to this one

wow questions 40 (1)

41. What? Wait…shut up – keep going through these mind boggling questions

wow questions 41 (1)

42. If you stand behind a clock, is it going clockwise?

mind boggling questions 42 (1)

43. What would a room with only mirrors look like? Mind boggling

mind boggling questions 43 (1)

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