23 LOL Pictures Of Celebrities Without Teeth That Will Definitely Amuse You

Admit it! You’ve done this yourself. Remember that time you were in the dentist’s waiting room alone with the magazine and you just took your pen and ruined some celebrity’s perfect smile by covering a tooth or two? It’s ok, it’s just a small guilty pleasure which seemed fun at the moment.

However, now the Internet is doing it too, but out loud and all over the place. Perfect smiles of A-list celebrities are being ruined by removing their teeth in Photoshop. Photos are hilarious, we must admit, but some of the celebrities are almost unrecognisable.

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Check out in the gallery below photos of celebrities without teeth like: Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry, Nicole Kidman and twenty more celebrities smiling from ear to ear with no single tooth in the smile. Just for laughs!

1. Angelina Jolie is the first ” victim ” of the celebrities without teeth gallery

celebrities without teeth 2 (1)
via: instagram.com

2. Justin Timberlake looks hilarious with no teeth

celebrities without teeth 3 (1)
via: imgur.com

3. Halle Berry. What happened Halle? What?!

celebrities without teeth 4 (1)
via: instagram.com

4. Zac Efron. Still hot AF

celebrities without teeth 5 (1)
via: metro.co.uk

5. Nicole Kidman has a granny look with no teeth

celebrities without teeth 6 (1)
via: instagram.com

6. Leonardo DiCaprio almost looks normal, like he never had teeth

celebrities without teeth 7 (1)
via: brigetto.tumblr.com

7. George Clooney. NOPE

celebrities without teeth 8 (1)
via: metro.co.uk

8. Jennifer Lawrence has always looked like a normal cashier at Walmart

celebrities no teeth 9 (1)
via: actresseswithoutteeth.tumblr.com

9. Drake – ” I can sing rap ” *drake probably

celebrities without teeth 10 (1)
via: twitter.com

10. Amy Poehler. OMG, what is going on with her here

celebrities no teeth 11 (1)
via: imgur.com

11. Katie Holmes, she only lost her upper teeth, still funny

celebrities without teeth 12 (1)
via: instagram.com

12. Britney Spears is another celebrity without teeth that still looks hot

celebrities without teeth 13 (1)
via: instagram.com

13. Julia Roberts, just close your mouth little old lady

celebrities no teeth 14 (1)
via: instagram.com

14. Sienna Miller, who? Exactly.

celebrities without teeth 15 (1)
via: actresseswithoutteeth.tumblr.com

15. Hilary Duff. All that makeup and no teeth?

celebrities without teeth 16 (1)

16. Anne Hathaway, she’s just grasping for straws

celebrities with no teeth 17 (1)
via: instagram.com

17. Eva Longoria looks amazing even without her teeth

celebrities with no teeth 18 (1)
via: instagram.com

18. Reese Whiterspoon is another celeb on the celebrities without teeth that looks cute

celebrities with no teeth 19 (1)
via: instagram.com

19. Miley Cyrus could actually lose her teeth in a weird trend

celebrities with no teeth 20 (1)
via: instagram.com

20. Sarah Jessica Parker. Never looked good anyway

celebrities with no teeth 21 (1)
via: instagram.com

21. Kim Kardashian, this will ruin her whole business

celebrities with no teeth 22 (1)
via: metro.co.uk

22. Beyoncé won’t take any of our shit even with no teeth

celebrities without teeth 23 (1)
via: blurbrain.com

23. Sofia Vergara. At least we wont have to hear her accent right?

celebrities without teeth 24 (1)

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