41 Dumb Questions That Prove People Don’t Know How To Use Their Brain

dumb questions feat
You know how in school they say “there are no dumb questions?” Well, on the internet, there are plenty of dumb questions. But the best part about asking stupid questions on the internet is nobody has to know who you are. You’ll still look like an idiot but it’s not the same as asking a stupid question in class.
We have Yahoo answers to thank for some of the dumbest questions on the internet. Some people spend hours at a time just browsing yahoo answers for the hilariously stupid questions you find on there. And I’m pretty sure a lot of the silly questions are fake. Either way, all those unintelligent questions make us feel like we’re super smart. If you’ve never asked an idiotic question on Yahoo answers then you’re probably at least a little intelligent.
Read some of these hilariously foolish questions and leave your thoughts in the comments section. Have you ever asked a question this embarrassingly dumb?

1. When you think about brainless questions, this is the winner.

dumb questions (1)


2. First, believing that mermaids are real is pretty dumb by itself

dumb questions 2 (1)

3. Jesus, are you really this dumb, sorry, but this is hmmm

stupid questions 3 (1)

4. You should not kill anything, but you’re probably safe from the cops if you kill an ant

stupid questions 4 (1)

5. Really? You really think so?

stupid questions 5 (1)


6. Because birds are only an American thing now?

stupid questions 6 (1)

7. LOL, this made me laugh so hard

stupid questions 7 (1)

8. She’s pregnant but she is not really the mom? Does that make sense to you?

silly questions 8 (1)

9. Same thing as the above, you are pregnant but it may not be yours? Really?

silly questions 9 (1)


10. OMG so many jokes about this person right now

silly questions 10 (1)

11. I don’t get it, this sounds serious, go to vet

silly questions 11 (1)

12. You know the best way to lose weight? Exercise and diet

silly questions 12 (1)

13. If you know it sounds crazy, you already answered your dumb question

silly questions 13 (1)


14. OMG do it just for the laughs

unintelligent questions 14 (1)

15. Really? Is there any women out there who actually know how her body works

unintelligent questions 15 (1)

16. LMAO!

unintelligent questions 16 (1)

17. Turn on webcam – BOOM!

unintelligent questions 17 (1)

18. The sun is like 30 degrees you bet. Yeah, sure.

unintelligent questions 18 (1)


19. I don’t think that’s how it works

foolish questions 19 (1)

20. You’ve been playing too much Star Craft kid

foolish questions 20 (1)

21. Dumbest of the dumb questions

foolish questions 21 (1)

22. The Specific Ocean is how big you want it to be, specifically

foolish questions 22 (1)

23. Oh come on! I can’t handle this

foolish questions 23 (1)

24. You’re both dumb, you deserve each other

foolish questions 24 (1)

25. HaHa. It’s not Monica, it’s something else that sounds like it, but i can’t write it down

ignorant questions 25 (1)

26. Nothing about this question is smart

ignorant questions 26 (1)

27. Mind blown – poof

ignorant questions 27 (1)

28. How did he came from that to Americans?

ignorant questions 28 (1)

29. Common sense

ignorant questions 29 (1)

30. This is actually a good question, Australia is hot as hell usually

ignorant questions 30 (1)

31. Wow, this is messed up on so many leveles

slow questions 31 (1)

32. Mermaids do not exist!! COmeone!!!

slow questions 32 (1)

33. This question is so sad

slow questions 44

34. This just might be the hardest question of all time

slow questions 45

35. Yes, they hate you – Perfect response to a ignorant question

slow questions 35 (1)

36. Yes, the baby is a vampire that drink her period blood

slow questions 36 (1)

37. Could actually work

slow questions 37 (1)

38. That’s a straight answer right there

slow questions 38 (1)

39. Well, if it came out of your body, that’s a pretty good sign

slow questions 39 (1)

40. I don’t know what this is, but just imagining this is crazy

dumb questions 40 (1)

41. Water is exactly 0% celery

dumb questions 41 (1)

OK i’m pretty sure you enjoyed these dumb questions like i did, so now just share with your friends to make them laugh.