42 Snakes With Hats That Are So Cute It’s Getting Really Ridiculous

So, Eve was convinced to take the apple by a hat-wearing snake? Possibly. And it seems that the snakes with hats fashion trend is coming back for snake lovers everywhere as there is even an entire subreddit dedicated just to them and this movement. We don’t know why this happens, but these little beings look nice and friendly with their hats on. You don’t believe us? Take a look!

1. Abracadabra! I’m a snake with a hat. How about that

snakes with hats 1 (1)

2. Who is the cutest thing in the world? Who? Who? Love this gallery of snakes with hats

snakes with hats 2 (1)

3. Shh… I’m a bunny in disguise

snakes in hats 3 (1).

4. Do you like my moustache? Me too!

snakes in hats 4

5. I’m Sam, the magic snake. Wanna see a trick?

snakes in hats 5 (1)

6. I’ve made them myself!

snakes in hats 6 (1)

7. Let’s dance!

snakes in hats 7 (1)

8. Wait till you see my tails as well!

snakes in hats 8 (1)

9. Let’s race! Snakes with Mario and Luigi hats

snakes in hats 9 (1)

10. I’m Snakey, the sheriff. What’s up?

snakes in hats 10 (1)

11. By the power invested in me, I declare the new hat-wearing fashion

snakes in hats 11 (1)

12. Partyyy!

snakes in hats 12 (1)

13. I’m a cute little pie

snakes in hats 13 (1)

14. Like my hat? It’s a designer hat!

snakes wearing hats 14 (1)

15. Bunny snakey!

snakes wearing hats 15 (1)

16. Woop Woop, dancing in style

snakes wearing hats 16

17. Leaving for the Oscars

snakes wearing hats 17 (1)

18. Imaginative hats for snakes

snakes wearing hats 18 (1)

19. I wasn’t scary enough. Is this how you snake?

snakes wearing hats 19 (1)

20. Now, I can go to the beach

snakes wearing hats 20 (1)

21. Who is more beautiful? Me or the flower?

snakes wearing hats 21 (1)

22. Everybody on deck! On deck, everybody! Captain is speaking

snakes wearing hats 22 (1)

23. I’m a lady with a very sharp tongue

snakes wearing hats 23 (1)

24. No, I didn’t eat the bunny. He borrowed me his ears

snakes wearing hats 24 (1)

25. What? You don’t like my style? You hattin’

snakes and hats 25 (1)

26. The magic snake is coming

snakes and hats 26 (1)

27. I’m fabulous, I know!

snakes and hats 27 (1)

28. What were you saying? Snakes can’t be nice?

snakes and hats 28 (1)

29. Ssstart the party!

snakes and hats 29 (1)

30. Pirate Jack, the terrible!

snakes and hats 30 (1)

31. What? I like pink!

snakes and hats 31 (1)

32. Aren’t I cute?

snakes and hats 32 (1)

33. My crown is great! My head is beautiful!

snakes and hats 33 (1)

34. I made it! My little hat for snakes. Like?

snakes and hats 34 (1)

35. I brought the present. No, I am not the present!

snakes and hats 35 (1)

36. Wanna play ball?

snakes and hats 36 (1)

37. What are you saying?

snakes and hats 37 (1)

38. I’m hiding underneath my fashionable hat

snakes and hats 38 (1)

39. Yes, I am a religious guy! Snakes with hats continues below…

snakes and hats 39 (1)

40. What? Winter is coming

snakes and hats 40 (1)

41. The little cute girl has arrived

snakes with hats 41 (1)

42. I’m a haaat! I’m a hat!

snakes with hats 42 (1)

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