32 Sarcastic Quotes About Life That Are So Mean You Lose Your Will To Live

Not everyone gets or like sarcasm. It takes a unique taste in humor to laugh from sarcastic memes or jokes. And while we don’t have an opinion about it here or there, we do appreciate the fact that many people really enjoy this kind of funny. Think of Jerry Seinfeld or Chandler Bing from Friends and you will know exactly what we mean. It is also been said that sarcastic people are very smart, because it takes a sharp mind to understand the statements of these kind of quotes or jokes. People who don’t fully understand sarcasm are not dumb, don’t get us wrong, but more often then not, they’re clever. Today we want to show you some of the best sarcastic quotes about life we could come up with or find online. And if you happen to be fancy of some, please share with your friends and see if they get it.

1. Selective hearing vs Selective deafness

sarcastic quotes about life 1 (1)

2. A truly Sarcastic quote

sarcastic quotes about life 2 (1)

3. So pity, they should have not missed it

sarcastic quotes about life 3 (1)

4. Some people seem smart until they open their mouth

sarcastic quotes 4 (1)

5. Every day is Wednesday at 5PM

sarcastic quotes 5 (1)

6. At leas i’m not you.

sarcastic quotes 6 (1)

7. Epic example of a sarcastic quote about life

sarcastic quotes 7 (1)

8. And I don’t want to be wrong. So I think different from you

sarcastic quotes 8 (1)

9. Please crawl back out of my life

mean quotes about life 9 (1)

10. The lowest of the low

mean quotes about life 10 (1)

11. Sarcasm is the brain defence mechanism against stupid people

mean quotes about life 11 (1)

12. Trying to make people work with you

mean quotes about life 12 (1)

13. Sarcastic people usually are very happy in a sarcastic way

mean quotes about life 13 (1)

14. Another great example of sarcastic quotes

nasty quotes about life 14 (1)

15. I need a minute to digest all the other people’s stupid

nasty quotes about life 15 (1)

16. Don’t bother me with your issues

nasty quotes about life 16 (1)

17. Your mom is too loud, make her stop

nasty quotes about life 17 (1)

18. If you don’t want a sarcastic answer, don’t ask a stupid question

nasty quotes about life 18 (1)

19. Trash taking itself out – lovely

crazy quotes about life 19 (1)

20. I’ll stop being a sarcastic bitc* when you stop being a stupid fuc*

crazy quotes about life 20 (1)

21. I do not care, about anything.

crazy quotes about life 21 (1)

22. Let’s agree to disagree

crazy quotes about life 23 (1)

23. I’m a package deal

crazy quotes about life 24 (1)

24. I will never call you, so hang by your phone

smart ass quotes about life 25 (1)

25. Not buying your bullshit sir

smart ass quotes about life 26 (1)

26. Can mirrors laugh?

smart ass quotes about life 27 (1)

27. People, right?

smart ass quotes about life 28 (1)

28. My face responds to stupid immediately

smart ass quotes about life 29 (1)

29. I don’t like you. It’s not sarcasm, it’s just the truth

smart ass quotes about life 30 (1)

30. Keep rolling your eyes

smart ass quotes about life 31 (1)

31. My sarcastic nature has gone too far

sarcastic quotes about life 32 (1)

32. I thought you already knew you were stupid

sarcastic quotes about life 33 (1)

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