32 Funny Cat Faces Pictures That Will Make You Squeal Like a Kitten

Sharing funny cat faces online has become a big deal. Why? Because so many of us own a pet cat or dog that whenever we see a funny cat pic we can usually relate to it and it will make us laugh. Whenever it’s your pet animal doing something really stupid or just giving you the stink eye, usually, when you snap a photo of your cat or dog, it will come out either hilarious or just plain adorable. This collection of funny cat expressions is dedicated to the fact we love our pets no matter how they look. Please share with us the pictures you loved the most, and tell us in the comment section if you have something to add.

1. The first on the funny cat faces is the face of waiting for you to look away

funny cat faces

2. Cats and water don’t mix

funny cat faces 1

3. I love this face. Maybe the best one on the funny cat faces list

funny cat faces 2.0

4. A glitch in the matrix

hilarious cat faces 2

5. ” You guys don’t feed me enough shut up! “

hilarious cat faces 3

6. Oh hey Carl…This is awkward

hilarious cat faces 4

7. You were going to drink out of the toilet right? BUSTED

hilarious cat faces 5

8. Trying to get a decent pic of my cat is like…

hilarious cat faces 6

9. Winking at me so adorable

hilarious cat faces 7

10. ” I’m not fat, I’m big boned “

hilarious cat faces 8

11. when you see this happening, leave the room

hilarious cat faces 9

12. The face of love

hilarious cat faces 10

13. ” And if you move a muscle, i will bite you “

hilarious cat faces 11

14. This cat face is hilarious

funny cat pics 12

15. The face of jealousy

funny cat pics 13

16. Not really seeing your face cat, move over

funny cat pics 14

17. OK, this cat face is not funny. But it’s amazing!

funny cat pics 15

18. Funny cat faces list continues below…

funny cat pics 16

19. Seriously, sharing a pizza with your cat

funny cat pics 17

20. This looks wrong in so many levels

funny cat pics 18

21. High five!

funny cat pics 19

22. The face your cat does when you betrayed him badly

funny cat pics 20

23. Crushing the dog with love

funny cat pics 21

24. The funny cat face that says ” you won’t supposed to come home this early “

funny cat expressions 22

25. ” Not sure how this happened, but help “

funny cat expressions 23

26. I’m gorgeous and i know it. The best of the funny cat faces list

funny cat expressions 24

27. This isn’t what you think face

funny cat expressions 25

28. Hell on earth. Love this funny cat face

funny cat expressions 26

29. That face of being filthy rich

funny cat expressions 27

30. The funny cat face of disappointment when he realizes this is not a real mouse

funny cat expressions 28

31. Trying to eat of a chopstick face

funny cat faces 29

32. When your cat is about to fall of bed, and makes that funny face

funny cat faces 30

Sharing these hilarious cat faces pics will mean a lot to us, so thank you

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  1. Elise

    May 8, 2017 at 11:37 am

    Omg #18 is sooo cute! Also love that “glitch in the Matrix” one! These are great :).