18 Pictures Of Funny Surgical Masks That Prove Laughter Can Make Your Hospital Visits Less Bad

Surgical masks are always a sign of something not very nice going on: be it a visit to a well-sanitized hospital section or seeing a preoccupied doctor in front of you. Anyways, a nose mask is associated with hospitals, illnesses and all this unpleasant things in life. Usually, a surgical mask is blue or white, but why not break that pattern and make it more…colorful? It might work wonders to see a doctor come examine you wearing a nose strip with a funny tomcat nose on it. A simple gesture like this can raise the patients’ spirits  and it can also play well with children who can feel a little more comfortable when seeing the doctor loves their favourite characters.

And this is what Jyo John Mulloor, a creative director specialized in digital art and product design did: he created animated funny surgical masks with funny, printed noses and mouths that might put a smile on anybody’s face. A human, funny and new twist that can make hospital life more bearable. It’s in the little things…Convince yourself below!

1. Let’s see what you’re up to!

funny surgical masks 1 (1)

2. “Please, don’t stare at my beard!”

funny surgical masks 2 (1)

3. A kiss will do

funny surgical masks 3 (1)

4. Just a little feline nose to brighten your day

funny surgical masks 4 (1)

5. Italian style!

hilarious surgical masks 5 (1)

6. Talk to the moustache!

hilarious surgical masks 6 (1)

7. What do you choose?

hilarious surgical masks 7 (1)

8. That is a funny face

hilarious surgical masks 8 (1)

9. What happened to your face?

hilarious surgical masks 9 (1)

10.  The smile is back on!

creative surgical masks 10 (1)

11. “Ready to fight whatever perils come in my way!”

creative surgical masks 11 (1)

12. Sweet lips know better

creative surgical masks 12 (1)

13. What else do you need?

creative surgical masks 13 (1)

14. Smiley bearded man

creative surgical masks 14 (1)

15. Don’t be deceived by the red nose. She’s a nice person!

lol surgical masks 15 (1)

16. What can go wrong when you’ve got a cute little black nose in action?

lol surgical masks 16 (1)

17. “You examine my teeth, I examine yours!”

lol surgical masks 17 (1)

18. Cute and funny altogether!

funny surgical masks 18 (1)

After looking at all these funny surgical masks, I am convinced, it’s a good idea. Now look at these awesome animal ski masks for your next winter vacation

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