16 Amazing Animal Facts That Will Have No Impact On Your Life

Isnt nature beautiful? Well according to the facts below it sure is! This cute gallery of animal facts has no effect on your life, but you still want to read on right? Some of the facts are pretty well known while others might make you scratch your head in confusing, for example, did you know that oysters can change their gender?, they do it to mate better.

Scroll through the gallery below to waste a couple of minutes of your busy day.


1: Sea otters hold hands to keep them from drifting apart while they sleep


Image by: commons.wikimedia.org

2: Oysters change their gender according to which is better for mating

happy-animal-facts-19 (1)

Image credits: wallpaper4me.com

3: Squires always forget where they put their acorns, resulting in thousands of new trees every year


Image credits: Irene Mei

4: These Japanese Macaques makes snowballs just for fun


Image credits: Lee Fisher

5: The closest thing to an elephant shrew is actually an elephant, not a shrew


Image credits: Klaus Wiese


Image credits: Josef Gelernter

6: Seahorses mate for life


Image credits: Georgina Gomez

7: The only creature to live forever is the Turritopsis nutricula


Image credits: Takashi Murai

8: Butterflies sense of taste is in their feet


Image credits: Chris Spracklen

9: Crows are so intelligent that they can play pranks on each other


Image credits: Lauri Tammik

10: Some studies show that goats, like humans, have accents 


Image credits: Jean-Claude Sch.

11: The Munchkin cat is the cat version of the Corgi dog

happy-animal-facts-32 (1)

Image credits: Jimmy Leo

12: Turtles can breath through their butts – how about that


Image credits: TaraDSturm

13: The dog’s nose prints is as unique as human fingerprints and can be used to identify them

happy-animal-facts-33 (1)

Image credits: Elke Vogelsang

14: When male puppies play with female puppies they often let them win even if they have the physical ability not to


Image credits: Brian Whipple

15: Even before chicks hatch, they can communicate with each other and their mother with sounds


Image credits: caryn74

16: Squirrels will adopt other babies if they are abandoned 


Image credits: pensivesquirrel.wordpress.com

Source: Boredpanda

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