The Most Beautiful Betta Fish In The World Is So Good Looking He’s The King Of The Sea

There are more than 30,000 different species of fish in the world, and if you think about how little of the world’s oceans we actually explored, there could be even more! One of the most unique fish species is the Betta fish. Some would say it’s the most beautiful betta fish in the world and we have to agree. Browse below to learn more about the betta fish and see some cool pictures

what is a betta fish anyway?

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Sometime called as the Siamese fighting fish ( Betta splendens ) or just the Betta. The Betta fish was first discovered in southeast Asia and is a popular aquarium fish and is part of the gourami family. Fun facts about the betta fish is that they could be territorial and sometimes show aggression towards each other.

If you place two male betta fishes around each other, most likely they will attack each other, If they don’t have any room for escape, they will actually kill each other. You can actually not place two females around each other two. You should only place one female and one male betta fish together for mating purposes and do it with caution.

here are 10 facts you didn’t know about the most beautiful betta fish in the world

1. Betta fish are actually carnivores. They love to eat insect larvae, worms, fish pellet and flakes. If you see a betta fish eating something other than meat it’s probably because he couldn’t find any around and was starving.

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2. Betta fish build bubble nests to protect their eggs.

The male betta fish is responsible for building this nest, they way they do it is by inhaling air and then spitting out bubbles embedded with spit that form the nest.

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3. Betta fish won’t know they’re looking at a mirror reflection. If you place a mirror in front of a betta fish, it will think it is a rival fish and begin to act aggressive.

most beautiful betta fish in the world

4. The Siamese fighting fish eat small but frequently meals.

It’s better to feed them twice a day each time with a small amount.

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5. Betta fish tastes with their fins.

These fish have delicate and sensitive fins with muscles, nerve cells and taste buds. This enables the Bettas to taste with their fins.

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6. Male Bettas are the child carer.

It is the male betta fish who take care of the young kids in the first 3-4 days after mating.

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7. Most beautiful Betta fish in the world can breath air.

These fish have a special organ that enables them to breath air just like humans do. The organ is called labyrinth and is critical for their survival.

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8. Betta fish are highly intelligent.

Compared to other fish, this type of fish can be taught to swim through hoops, jump for food and even ring bells when hungry, talk about a cute pet.

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9. Betta males flare their colors.

When feeling threatened, the males will flare their flashy colors to show their dominance and make themselves look big.

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10. Bettas can live up to 9 years.

Given the optimal water conditions and plenty of exercise, the betta fish can live up to 9 years which is considered much longer than other fish species.

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Had enough? Here’s a video of the fish in action:


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