29 Pictures Of Things That Are Bigger Than You Expected

How do you describe the difference in size between the Earth and the sun? How do you explain the difference between the moon and Saturn to a kid? These pictures will do just that for you. There are some things in our lives that we have no idea of. We know there is a sun, we know there are gorillas in the world, we know there are big bears, but do you have a mental image of how big are they exactly compared to you? What do you think a human shaking hands with a big blue whale would look like? Let’s see just that! 29 pictures of things that are bigger than you expected. If you love seeing things that are bigger than you expect, check out these 16 things that sound similar but are actually different

1. A “little” cute wombat. Not so little anymore.

things that are bigger than expected 1

2. Leatherback sea turtle meeting a human. Aren’t they cute?


3. African land snail

Things That Are Bigger Than You Expected

4. Ever thought about the difference between a million and a billion?


5. If you were to fit the Earth inside the sun

Yes, those are little blue balls just like our blue planet compared to the sun


6. The heart of a blue whale and a human for comparison


7. The Titanic and a modern cruise ship one in front of the other


8. Human hand meets eagle


9. This is the biggest flying bird that ever walked the Earth

This is a Quetzalcoatlus Northropi Model and a 1.8m man standing right next to him.


10. Horse lungs that are fully inflated

Probably this is why they can run that fast and long!


11. The Great Pyramid of Giza are much larger than you might have thought. Spot the people at the ground level.

great pyramids 1 (1)


12. If a Moose would run around the city


13. Shaking hands with the tiny human


14. A wolf and 2 coyotes


15. Some really big road signs!


16. Just look behind, there’s a bus.


17. If Saturn was our moon


18. Ever asked yourselves how big the traffic lights actually are?


19. Salt Water Crocodile vs human


20. Dusting off Michelangelo’s David


21. The “one ring” from the Lord of the Rings trilogy

This was used exclusively for close-ups. That’s why that ring looked so mesmerizing in some scenes


22. A Gorilla and a human trying to shake hands?!

Things That Are Bigger Than You Expected 2

23. Just the largest tree in the world. Can you spot the humans?


24. A single blade from a wind turbine


25. Wild Boar and adult wolf . You make the calculations!


26. If a comet were to “land” on the city of Los Angeles


27. Giant Oceanic Manta Ray


28. A bear claw next to a human hand


29. $10,000 in 1’s vs $10,000 in 100’s

things that are bigger than expected 2

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