The Cute Motivation Of The Day: Pets Working Out And Eating Healthy

Are you having a hard time working out? You feel like you need it, but can’t really find the motivation to do it? How about you just look at this video, die of cuteness and then come back to life and hit the gym? Going to the gym is not everything, you also need to eat all healthy and green. If you don’t know how to do it, you just watch this little tutorial and you’ll see. It is a very good manual of how to do it and the teachers are our dear pets. They are all smiles while walking on the treadmill, doing yoga and eating all sorts of green vegetables and fruits. Why can’t we be this happy when working out and on a diet?

These pets seem like saying : “I am handling it, hooman! Why do you say this is hard? Why do you say this is too much for you? It is fun. Look! I can do it”.  They might not really understand why that treadmill just keeps moving and they keep walking and going nowhere, but to motivate their hooman, they keep doing it. “C’mon hooman, two more kilometers, we can do it. We do it together!” If this doesn’t motivate you, I don’t know what will do it.

Now,  there might be some clever pets who lift their legs in the air just so they get a treat from their beloved hoomans. Well, we pardon them. It’s the price we have to pay to motivate ourselves to work out. So, if you have a cute pet around the house, just make a deal with him/her. She/He helps you with your working out and diet and you keep giving them treats. How about that?

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Ana Maria

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