26 Pictures Only People Who Love To Eat Will Get

Dieting is hard when you love to eat. Everybody enjoys not starving but some people just really love to shovel it in. BuzzFeed gets it. They’ve compiled a list of 26 jokes that only people who love to eat will get.

I can relate to at least half of these jokes and comics. I convinced myself this week that three cheat days in a week is totally okay if I drink a lot of water. I think just buying an avocado is effort enough. So what if it rots before I get the chance to eat it?

Forget baseball, eating is America’s favorite pastime. We do it for so many reasons on so many occasions. It’s not just for sustenance. It’s a freaking party in your mouth.

Take a look at these comics. I bet everyone can relate to most of them. Embrace your love for food. Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

1: This was me when I somehow convinced myself three cheat days in one week is okay.

love to eat (1)

2: When an avocado comes home with me from the store it’s a death sentence.

eating love 2 (1)

3: Every time anyone eats Chinese food. Love to eat people get this.

love to eat 3 (1)

4: If you watch enough of the Food Network you can make anything out of anything.

eating love 4 (1)

5: The reason why me and buffets don’t get along.

love to eat 5 (1)

6: Take the easy way out. Those cookies are already made and ready to go.

love to eat 6 (1)

7: There’s a food for every emotion.

love to eat 7 (1)

8: This is why I never eat ice cream out of the container. Regrets every time.

eating love 8 (1)

9: Yeah, right. I’m never done.

love to eat 9 (1)

10: My favorite time to pig out; when no one else is around.

love to eat 10 (1)

11: Ranch makes everything amazing.

love to eat 11 (1)

12: If you get into a wreck, who’s going to deliver my pizzas?

love to eat 12 (1)

13: Never trust single serving bags of chips.

eating love 13 (1)

14: Salads are totally undervalued

eating love 14 (1)

15: When you know the avocado is bad but you eat it anyway

eating love 15 (1)

16: Trying to pick up pizza, because you love to eat and she looks so hot

love food 16 (1)

17: It’s my special kind of diet

love food 17 (1)

18: I’m the one who always leave the cereal box out

love food 18 (1)

19: That moment is life

love food 19 (1)

20: If it has two buns, it’s a sandwich

love food 20 (1)

21: Circle of life

love food 21 (1)

22: Going to bed thinking about food

love food 22 (1)

23: Hate when this happens

love food 23 (1)

24: Drawing to it like a moth to a flame

love to eat 24 (1)

25: I know when to count my food, and when not

love to eat 25 (1)

26: I’ll just add a little bit of sauce

love to eat 26 (1)

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