26 Pictures That Prove Cats Are Liquid

cats are liquid feat (1)

We have a question for you – What is a shape of water? Or any other liquid… It depends on a container, of course! That is one specific characteristic of all liquids – they are taking a shape of an object they’ve been pour into… Guess what! So do cats!

Here we have a huge gallery of photos of cats proving they are as liquid as water. A glass, a vase, a bowl, a jar… you name it! Cats are perfectly ok with taking a shape of it and fitting in perfectly. All of you who has a cat as a pet probably know about this super power of your furry friend, cats are liquid, it’s a fact, but some of you who watch this may get a little bit concerned about these kitties featuring in the photos. But there is nothing to worry about we assure you – cats just love to act this way and it’s perfectly normal. So, check out this bunch of kitties proving they are liquid and get convinced.

1. Liquids take the shape of a container – so do cats! Below are 13 undeniable proofs that cats are liquid.

cats are liquid 1 (1)


2. Do you want a cup of kitty?

cats are liquid 2 (1)

Image credits: huffingtonpost.com

3. Beautiful white cat fitting into a bowl.

cats are liquid 3 (1)

Image credits: imgur.com

4. Cat in a jar… yes, kitty is okay.

cats are flexible 4 (1)

Image credits: metro.co.uk

5. Where is a cat? It’s in a box, of course! Classic.

cats are flexible 5 (1)

Image credits: imgur.com


6. A bowl full of cuteness.

cats are flexible 6 (1)

Image credits: Peregrino Will Reign

7. A glass with a sleepy glance.

cats are flexible 7 (1)

8. Mew… I’m here, in the jar. This cat is liquid for sure

cats are flexible 8 (1)

9. I wouldn’t notice the cat before turning on water.

cats are water 9 (1)

Image credits: imgur.com


10. If I fit – I sit…and sleep.

cats are water 10 (1)

11. Cute kitty in a sock, adorable.

cats are water 11 (1)

12. Perfect place and shape for a nap.

cats are water 12 (1)

Image credits: facebook.com

13. This kitty can get out of a jar anytime she wants.

cats are water 13 (1)

Image credits: metro.co.uk


14. So smooth, I love it!

kittens are liquid 14

Image credits: ©guremike

15. Thanks cat, you ruined toilets for me forever

kittens are liquid 15 (1)

16. ” This is my bowl now. MY BOWL! “

kittens are liquid 16 (1)

17. Why do they love it so much?!

kittens are liquid 18 (1)

18. This cat is huge!

kittens are liquid 19 (1)


19. Glass of wine anyone?

cats are weird 20 (1)

20. This looks painful  – but he’s actually fine

cats are weird 21 (1)

21. Babies can’t drink cats, even though that cats are liquid

cats are weird 22 (1)

22. Close enough

cats are weird 23 (1)

23. His right you know…

cats are weird 24 (1)

24. How are they so flexible

cats are weird 25 (1)

25. Damn. This cat is not playing around

cats are liquid 28 (1)

26. Let me just pour myself out of here

cats are liquid 27 (1)

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