26 Cat Drawing Examples That Are Just So On Point

Twitter account called Poorly Drawn Cats is a place where you can find and see many… try to guess please… poorly made cat drawing pictures! When you first look at these drawings you think of some kiddo who doesn’t like drawing classes at all, but he has to take them, although he adores cats so he constantly tries to draw one of his inspiration…but obviously with no particular success.

However, like it happens often in life, things are not like they seem at first sight. You’ll be surprised once you realize how actually realistic are these drawings representing cats. In the gallery below you can check out Poorly Drawn Cats examples drawn by Heloisa, an artist from Brazil, along with photographs which were an initial inspiration. It’s really cool how this doodles with a bit imagination make a great representation of a particular cat’s photograph.

If you have fun scrolling down the gallery as I did, make sure to follow Heliosa on Twiter just like I just did!

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1. Cat drawing by Brazilian artist  Heliosa

cat drawing

2. Things are not like they seem at first sight, are they?

cat drawing 2

3. These poorly made cat drawings are actually a pretty realistic representation of very weird cats!

cat drawing 3

4. Who would see this coming, right?!

cat painting 4

5. Add a bit imagination to these doodles and there you go!

cat painting 5

6. That’s the cat from the photo, no doubt there!

cat painting 6

7. Make sure to follow Heliosa on Twitter.

cat painting 7

8. Get your dose of Poorly Drawn Cats regularly!

cat painting 8

9. Keep scrolling for more “bad  kitten drawings”!

cat painting 9

10. Old school grumpy cat

cat painting 10

11. Just chill man, everything is A ok

cat painting 11

12. Being attacked by a banana

cat painting 12

13. Spot on!

cat painting 13

14. Never knew cats could do a split

kitten drawing 14

15. Have a seat Bob, now let’s talk about my last vet visit

kitten drawing 15

16. Such tiny hands

kitten drawing 16

17. Fear me!!!

kitten drawing 17

18. When you just look at the painting you don’t get it. But after seeing the picture, it is pretty much the same

kitten drawing 18


kitten drawing 19


kitten drawing 20


kitten drawing 21

22. I think this is my favorite cat drawing because of the eyes

kitten drawing 22


kitten drawing 23


kitten drawing 24


cat drawing 25


cat drawing 26

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