26 Botanical tattoos That Will Show You Are One With Nature

The first ever human-made paintings were inspired by nature as you will see in this list of botanical tattoos, humans were inspired by what they saw around them, whether there were animals or plants. The first form of art came as a need and desire for people to represent the world around themselves. And today, we are still inspired and intrigued by nature’s strange and intricate creations.

Plants are part of our current art, whether it is about classic art movements or new and modern art forsm, like tattoos. Usually, tattoos are a very personal choice and people don’t really rely on any artistic movement or concept when inking their bodies; they just do it because they want to remember certain events or because it is cool or things like that.

But nowadays, there are also people who love to adorn their bodies with botanical tattoos which can very easily adapt to body’s curves. Blooming flowers, bent trees or climbing ivy could harmoniously become part of your anatomy with the help of a talented artist.

You don’t have to be a gardener, botanist, vegan paerson to put this kind of inking on your skin. You just have to take a look below at these examples and they might convince you.

1. Make your arm nature-inspired! Botanical tattoos list kicking off!

botanical tattoos

2. Fern leaves have many cultural meanings and they look great, as well

botanical tattoos 2

3. Nasturtium flowers lending beauty to a woman’s shoulders

botanical tattoos 3

4. Rosemary?

botanical inks 4

5. Aromatic herbs. Fit for a chef

botanical inks 5

6.Why buy a bunch of flowers which wither easily? Make a tattoo instead and they will last forever

botanical inks 6

7. Flowers and leave following a woman’s beautiful curves

botanical inks 7 blur


8. Another curve-enhancer; this time with more color. My favorite one of the botanical tattoos list

botanical inks 8

9. A trunk cut? To remind you you are strong

botanical inks 9

10. For your inspiration!

botanical inks 10 blur


11. What does it look like to you? A botanical tattoo obviously

botanical inks 11

12. Color and nature

botanical ink design 12

13. Matching plants?

botanical ink design 13

14. Nature running through your veins?!

botanical ink design 14

15. Work of art

botanical ink design 15

16. A beating heart?! Actually, it is a Physalys fruit

botanical ink design 16

17. Love in a cage?

botanical ink design 17

18. Nature can be elegant, too

botanical ink design 18

19. Impressive and changing

botanical ink design 19

20. A whole sleeve of plants

botanical ink design 20

21. How about a botanical wrist tattoo?

botanical ink design 21

22. This is gorgeous!

botanical ink design 22

23. Elegant and sexy

botanical ink design 23 blur


24. Ginkgo leaves for your inspiration

botanical ink design 24

25. It fits perfectly with the scenery

botanical ink design 25

26. This awesome botanical tattoos picture

botanical tattoos 26

Let’s share these amazing botanical ink designs with our tattooed friends


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