Sharks With Human Teeth Pictures That Prove They Are Not Real

Sharks with human teeth. YUP, we have these pictures right here! Have you seen this funny trend of these Shark with human teeth pictures featuring in these gallery? We are maybe coming late to the party when it comes to this Internet craze, but there is really something about sharks with photoshopped human teeth that makes you wanna see more and more of them.

Here is a huge collection of photos of sharks showing teeth like humans that can be found on Reddit, where this bizarre trend first started and developed to substantial proportions. Scroll down the gallery for some shark’s smiles that will stay long in your mind after you finish, for sure. If you liked this gallery of toothy sharks, please don’t forget to share and like.

Via Reddit

1. Dough! Sharks with human teeth look much friendlier right?

shark with human teeth 2

2. Sexy lips, sexy smile – This shark is going places

shark with human teeth 3

3. Awww… a shy smile (don’t be fooled – it’s a shark!)

shark with human teeth 4

4. Bad boys in action. What you gonna do when they come for you?

sharks with funny teeth 5

5. A prosthesis is a real smile killer.

shark with funny teeth 6

6. The killer smile – don’t get close to this one

shark with funny teeth 7

7. Showing some teeth – like? I do

shark with funny teeth 8

8. What do you say, ah?! I’ve done my teeth last week.

shark with funny teeth 9

9. Foolish shark is giving you a tongue.

shark with funny teeth 10

10. Before the prosthesis, lol! This shark needs some work

shark with funny teeth 11

11. Nom, Nom Yummy yummy seal

shark with funny teeth 12

12. Hammershark with human teeth

shark with funny teeth 13

13. Wow, just perfect! Looks natural right?

shark with funny teeth 14

14. Not so brilliant smile, lol!

shark with funny teeth 15

15. Goblin shark that you don’t want to meet in the ocean

shark with human teeth 15

16. Hammershark is giving the smile to the camera.

shark with human teeth 16

17. Oh baby, won’t you come and kiss?

shark with human teeth 17

18. Am I, beautiful or what?!

shark with funny teeth 18

19. Shark in Venice soon in your cinema.

shark with human teeth 19

20. This one is perfect for a dentist commercial.

shark with funny teeth 20

21. Shark at dentist control saying – Aaaaaaa….

shark with human teeth 21

22. Jump in, if you dare!

shark with human teeth 22

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