Here Are 100 Funny Faces That Will Make You Feel Pretty

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Most of the time we all try to look normal, but why? It will be way better if we let loose once in a while and just look stupid. This list of 100 funny faces is dedicated to showing you that you are beautiful no matter what face you make. What’s the face you make right now. Go ahead look. Is it funny? Browse through this list and share with us the ones you love the most.

1. The first on the funny faces list – Never let this die people

funny faces2


2. Just creepy honestly

funny faces 3

3. This woman looks shocked

funny faces 4

4. Success baby! Fuc* YES!

hilarious faces 5

5. When you try so hard you let a little poop out

hilarious faces 6


6. Obama trying to look weird – still looks awesome

hilarious faces 7

7. Grandma gets in on the action

hilarious faces 8

8. She’s lucky everyone knows she’s hot AF really

hilarious faces 9

9. This kid is going places

hilarious faces 10


10. On of the funniest faces on this list for sure

hilarious faces 11

11. The blond one, nails it

hilarious faces 12

12. Not sure who does it better, the cat or the person

hilarious faces 13

13. LOL! Hilarious funny face

hilarious faces 14


14. You can see he tries really hard

hilarious faces 15

15. Did he practice this funny face?

hilarious faces 16

16. The chillest face in the world

lol faces 17

17. Baby looks scared of the real world

lol faces 18

18. Dude, your eye looks like its about to pop

lol faces 19


19. This face says so much right?

lol faces 20

20. I think he passed out after this throw right?

lol faces 21

21. Instant regret face

lol faces 22

22. This baby looks like he’s about to murder someone

lol faces 23

23. Am i fabulous? NOPE

lol faces 24

24. I know this face all too well

lol faces 25

25. Seriously derp…funny faces list continues below…

lol faces 26

26. He looks like he saw a boob

lol faces 27

27. The baby gets it

lol faces 28

28. Robert Pattinson trying his best

omg faces 29

29. After you drop a huge number 2.

omg faces 30

30. WANT!

omg faces 31

31. This guy gives so many fuc*s it’s a new record

omg faces 32

32. Baby can’t handle how much he loves water

omg faces 33

33. There are 3 funny faces in this pic

omg faces 34

34. Oprah getting in on the action too

omg faces 35

35. Trying to look funny? This face will do it

omg faces 36

36. Still hot

omg faces 37

37. Is that the daughter of Michael Jackson?

omg faces 38

38. The famous meme face

omg faces 39

39. After 3 days without pooping, everyone looks like this

omg faces 40

40. Not sure what’s going on there

fun faces 41

41. This is all kinds of weird

fun faces 42

42. Too good to be true

fun faces 43

43. Cannon ball!!!

fun faces 44

44. How is he doing this? Seriously how?

fun faces 45

45. In the middle of class? Shame on you girl

fun faces 46

46. Nicolas Cage’s regular face

fun faces 47

47. She scares me really really bad

fun faces 48

48. Al three of them honestly are hilarious

fun faces 49

49. John Cena also contributes to the funny faces list

fun faces 102

Here’s a video showing even more hilarious faces:

50. The thinking baby face

fun faces 51

51. This is a simple face, but a funny one

fun faces 52

52. Baby looks like an evil genius

fun faces 53

53. George Clooney? You to George

funny expressions

54. For sure, i didn’t need you to day that at all

funny expressions 55

55. Trying to be funny, but failing

funny expressions 56

56. Did we mention athletes make the funniest faces?

funny expressions 57

57. Drunk baby meme. He’s the best

funny expressions 58

58. He’s really zone in on that ball

funny expressions 59

59. This is my drunk face

funny expressions 60

60. Stop it, you do this on purpose

funny expressions 61

61. Am i sexy like this?

funny expressions 62

62. Trying to look cute, girl in the background ruins it

funny expressions 63

63. Getting excited by the stupidest things is fun

funny expressions 64

64. Scratch that, babies make the most crazy faces

funny expressions 65

65. Dude what’s wrong with your nose

funny expressions 66

66. The famous shock face meme

crazy faces 67

67. Even Queen Elisabeth is on this list

crazy faces 68

68. ” I am sick of this shit “

crazy faces 69

69. I’m taking a wild guess here and say she didn’t win

crazy faces 70

70. Night of the living derps

crazy faces 71

71. Sticking your mouth to your nose is always funny

crazy faces 72

72. Kiss me beautiful! HELL NO!

crazy faces 73

73. Good thing he is behind the camera

crazy faces 74

74. Katy Perry caught in a moment of silliness

crazy faces 75

75. Dude, a girl is kissing you, you should be happy

crazy faces 76

76. So tired of being awesome

crazy faces 77

77. Trying to hit the ball with his mind

crazy faces 78

78. This list of funny faces continues with this weird guy

crazy faces 79

79. It’s just part of the game

laugh out loud faces 80

80. This looks photo shopped

laugh out loud faces 81

81. Yup, i lost

laugh out loud faces 82

82. Is this how you duck face?

laugh out loud faces 83

83. Oh this is freaky

laugh out loud faces 84

84. A picture to remember forever

laugh out loud faces 85

85. ” I’m going to hit you so hard ball “

laugh out loud faces 86

86. This is your regular face man

laugh out loud faces 87

87. This guy is crazy

laugh out loud faces 88

88. It’s just tennis brah, get over it

laugh out loud faces 89

89. Do you want me now? Funniest face ever!

laugh out loud faces 90

90. Hillary Clinton trying to hold her laughter

laugh out loud faces 91

91. Trying to look nasty

laugh out loud faces 92

92. Brilliant!

laugh out loud faces 93

93. Gross face

laugh out loud faces 94

94. Jedi baby using the force

laugh out loud faces 95

95. So much poop, so much

laugh out loud faces 96

96. Rock n Roll

laugh out loud faces 97

97. You are still hot girl

laugh out loud faces 98

98. Grumpy cat always makes me laugh

funny faces 99

99. Even the cat laughs at you

funny faces 100

100. Bean baby

funny faces 101

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