21 pictures that will give your inner perfectionist a tough time!

Remember when we were telling you about the people who don’t give a damn about the rules?  They are just getting out there and doing it their way! Now we’re going to prove to you that there is also something called “inner perfectionist” who just can’t take uneven things, objects, crayons or whatever. What we mean is: have you ever visited one of your friends and your eyes happened upon a hanged picture on the wall that is not straight? And you just stare at that insignificant object and see what’s wrong with it and know that it does  not affect you, but still your inner perfectionist has taken over and won’t let you rest until you right that wrong. Have it ever happened to you?

No? Then try these pictures and you will see for yourselves. Can you look at a half-functioning shower head for 2 minutes without wanting to fix it? Can you handle one red pen in a bunch of 100 green pen arranged in perfect order? Doesn’t it just get on your nerves? It’s the inner perfectionist who’s taking control over you! Here!

Here! Feed these to your inner perfectionist!

1. That inner perfectionist in me is raging


2. Who did that?


3. Such cruelty


4. Who commissioned this?


5. The diploma bent and the perfectionist is crying


6. Bad architecture or bad interior design? Or just bad inner perfectionist


7. Who works here?


8. Somebody is making fun of the guy working here


9. Please, could you just…


10. I hope he lifts in hell


11. Imagine going to work and seeing this


12. I know a lot of people who simply couldn’t take that shower!


13. The inner perfectionist in me is screaming!


14. Why? Why is the universe so cruel to the inner perfectionist?


15. Breaking the rules of cake slicing should be punished by starving


16. An iPhone lover is screaming right now!


17. Is this how they’re teaching kids to be perfectionists/


18. We must find the rebel who did this and punish him!


19. Imperfections, I see imperfections everywhere!


20. There’s an outsider here


21. Noooo!


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