20 Awesome Things That You’ll Immediately Notice If You Take a Trip To Japan

Japan is where Anime, martial arts or sakura flowers come from. It is the place that we sometimes look to in awe because they’ve got some amazing civilization, history and spirituality that you only come to understand if you live there for a couple of years. This only in Japan list is for people planning a trip there.

Going there just for a few days can be interesting, too and these are some things that you will probably notice on your first visit. From futuristic toilets to trains coming and leaving at the exact planned time, everything seems to be going perfect here. Let’s see how Japan feels like when you just visit it for a few days!

1. During strikes, the bus drivers continue to drive the bus, but they don’t take money from the passengers


Image source: MohammedAshemimry

2. This is proof of how smooth the Japanese trains go


Image source: gaiijinpot

3. They do art on the sewage caps


Image source: Tombo_64

4. After a football match, they stayed on the stadium and helped cleaning


Image source: Joe Giddens – EMPICS

5. They respect the way the stairs go


Image source: zozozeze73

6. You can lock up your umbrella in a safe place so you don’t need to take it with you anywhere in the mall


Image source: monikakuelsheimer

7. In the women’s bathroom, there’s a special place to put the babies while you pee or whatever


Image source: minneapolis2tokyo2madaro

8. A forgotten shopping bag put aside, near a tree


Image source: justlikebuddyholly

9. A chewing gum box and that comes with a set of little paper in which you ca wrap the gum after you don’t chew it anymore


Image source: Jerry_McPhee

10. A modern Japanese toilet comes with a modern controller


Image source: mikieliza

11. In a public toilet, you can see all the occupied and available booths on an electronic panel


Image source: youknowitalktoomuch

12. A can that has a Braille symbol for the blind to read what they’re actually drinking


Image source: gracebuchele.wordpress.com

13. The Toreiyu Tsubasa train has a few water tanks to help you relax your feet after a long day


Image source: jreast

14. The Tsukuba Express national train company apologized because one of their trains left 20 seconds earlier than it was planned


Image source: Tsukuba Express, LERK

15. Doing a survey in Japan


Image source: mangomilk

16. They’ve got plenty of diagonal crosswalks


Image source: bolubantat

17. Elevators have a chair that could turn into a toilet in case of emergency


Image source: matt_777

18. Modern toilets. You even have special shoes for the toilet


Image source: nn.naru.uu

19. The Japanese people usually park backwards so you can easily spot the strangers here


Image source: itscalledANIMEdad

20. Children have their special place in a train where they can play and have a good time


Image source: arm4da

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