History Of Apple In 31 Pictures That Will Inspire You To Pursue Your Own Dream In The World


The history of how Apple is an awesome piece of our modern world history and it ends with Steve Jobs introducing the first iPhone. That’s when the world accepted Apple as part of their own and as an useful partner of everyday life.

But until then, it was a series of attempts, fights and fails that now, looking back on them, you will say: “How did they do it?”. But this is an inspiring story, after all! This is the History of apple is 31 cool photos.

1. April 1st, 1976. Los Altos, California: Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded Apple

Image source: Kimberly White / REUTERS


2. And then Ronald Wayne jumped on board for business guidance, but left the company even before it was officially incorporated


3. The first sketch of the Apple logo was done by Wayne

We can see why he left the company so early. Just imagine having that on your Mac now!

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

4. First office of Apple: Jobs’ parents garage, in Los Altos, California

Image source: Dino Vournas/AP

5. Apple’s first product, the Apple I

It was just a motherboard, a processor and some memory and people with a real passion for computers had to build their own case, add a monitor, keyboard and everything else that was needed. Cool, right?

Image source: Wikimedia Commons


6. Wozniak was the brain behind the Apple I and he built everything by hand. This is one of his design diagrams

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

7. While Wozniak was building, Jobs was bringing investors in. The first substantial investment was that of Mike Markkula

He brought $250,000 to the company and became Apple’s employee No.3

Image source: Digibarn

8. First president and CEO of Apple – Michael Scott

This happened in 1977.

Image source: Michael Scott

9. The personal computer Apple II

Image source: Flickr/gmahender


10. Apple II brought the app  VisiCalc

It was an app that helped Apple II become a favourite of business customers thanks to its spreadsheet groundbreaking performances.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

11. In 1978, Apple had a real office, employees and a production line

They look kind of nervous because of Steve Jobs’ difficult personality

Image source: Mark Johnson

12.The Xerox PARC visit, in 1979

This is a weird one. The Xerox PARC is the place where laser printers, the mouse and ethernet networking were born. Apple engineers were allowed a 3-day visit, in 1979 in exchange for the possibility to by 100,000 shares of Apple for the bargain price of $10 a piece.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

13. The Apple III was launched in 1980

This was more business-focused and thought to compete with IBM and Microsoft. It wasn’t, though, a breakthrough

Image source: Flickr/stiefkind


14. Jobs was convinced that the future stood with the GUI (graphical user interface)

Apple’s next Lisa computer was equipped with a wanna’ be GUI which proved to be a real disaster. It was too expensive for the software it supported.


Image source: Apple

15. The next step was the Apple Macintosh, the most-user friendly computer at that time

It was still an expensive piece of tech and it was in black and white.

Image source: AP Photo/Paul Sakuma

16. John Sculley- Apple’s new CEO in 1983

This was Pepsi’s youngest CEO ever. Steve Jobs brought him to Apple to the legendary phrase: “Do you want to sell sugared water for the rest of your life? Or do you want to come with me and change the world?”

Image source: Fanboy.com

17. In 1983, tensions between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates began to make their presence felt

Microsoft was actually making software for Macintosh, at the beginning, but, in 1983, it came out that Microsoft was also working on a graphical user interface of their own.

Image source: Business Insider 

18. Jobs and Sculley don’t go along anymore

Apple was selling, but not as much as IBM. Steve Jobs was the rebel who was always doing things his own way, while Sculley had a stricter oversight of things.

Image source: Sal Veder / AP Images


19. Jobs was stripped off his managerial duties and quit Apple

He went on to found NeXT, his own computer company where he could have total control over things.

Image source: AP Images

20. Wozniak, the other co-founder, also left Apple, in 1985 and he sold most of his shares

Image source: LENNOX MCLENDON / AP Images

21. Apple introduces the PowerBook laptop and System 7 operating system, in 1991

This was the operating system that ran on Macintosh since 1991 to 2001, when the well-known OS X was introduced.

Image source: Associated Press

22. Newton MessagePad is one of the first “personal digital assistant” that you could use to take notes and keep your contracts in order. It cost $700, though

Image source: Flickr/moparx

23. Apple made the mistake of trying too hard to put the System 7 on the IBM/Motorola PowerPC microprocessors when the Intel processors were the future

Image source: GUI Guidebook

24. Microsoft grew, selling Windows 3.0 for cheap, commodity computers while Mac, although excellent, came on expensive computers and with a limited library of software

Image source: Microsoft Archive

25. Apple changes CEO. From Sculley, they went to Michael Spindler

Image source: YouTube

26. In 1994, the first PowerPC with Macintosh was released, but Apple struggled and talks about acquisition by IBM, Sun MicroSystems and Philips were raised

Image source: Youtube screenshot

27. In 1997, Apple purchased NeXT Computer for $429 million

It was Apple’s CEO way of bringing back Steve Jobs.

Image source: AP

28. Steve Jobs made his way to interim CEO of Apple, that same year

Image source: Lou Dematteis / Reuters

29. 1997 also saw the introduction of Apple’s campaign called “Think Different”

It featured famous artists, scientists, musicians and people who made a difference in the world.


30. It was time Microsoft invested $150 million in Apple

In 1998, they came with the first iMac, an all-in-one computer and by 2001, the world saw Mac OS X. In 2006, they decided to go for an Intel-based architecture.


31. Then 2007 came and Steve Jobs introced the iPhone to the world

The rest is history, as they say!


Image source: Alessia Pierdomenico / Reuters

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