23 Crazy Japanese Inventions That Are Actually Pretty Genius!

Japan… a land of the rising sun or we can easily claim as well a land of rising innovations. The Japanese are well known as people who gave the world great inventions, but on the other hand and the ones … not so great, to put it mildly. In this gallery, you can check out a great collection of crazy Japanese inventions coming from this land which obviously were born in very creative minds, but the market just didn’t recognize their potential.

Oh, forget about “putting it mildly”! Here you can see some of the most bizarre inventions that you’ve probably ever seen! Start scrolling down for some shocking and crazy products invented in Japan and who knows maybe some of them you’ll find even awesome.

1. This is some umbrella! I guess it’s dangerous to walk down the streets, the view can’t be clear for sure.

crazy japanese inventions 1

2. Ear enhancer…I don’t know, don’t ask me. The craziest Japanese invention?

crazy japanese inventions 2

3. Easy ear explorer – Crazy Japanese inventions for sure!

crazy japanese gadgets 3

4. Mobile toilet paper… things that make you go hmm..

crazy japanese gadgets 4

5. Metro chin-stick… she looks comfortable.

crazy japanese gadgets 5

6. Use your kid smartly!

crazy japanese gadgets 6

7. Okay, this one I want. Never ending bubble wrap.

crazy japanese gadgets 7

8. Never miss a drop again

crazy japanese gadgets 8

9. This one won the world, as you know.

crazy japanese gadgets 9

10. Sound-catcher pillow

crazy japanese gadgets 10

11. Book-shaped pillow for jaded students

crazy japanese gadgets 11

12. Silent Karaoke…That’s right, let yourself go at last!

crazy japanese gadgets 12

13. Cupmen. It falls down when your noodles are hot

crazy japanese products 13

14. Banana slipcase…rest your banana.

crazy japanese products 14

15. “Solar energy” lighter – cool, indeed.

crazy japanese products 15

16. Public transport helmet (Message: Wake me up at station “…” – Thanks, oj, Jessie and Marina)

crazy japanese products 16

17. Too tired to stand up? No problem! (notice the happy look on his face)

crazy japanese products 17

18. Don’t feel lonely ever again… Hug-pillow. crazy japanese products 18

19. Lap pillow for lonely men

crazy japanese products 19

20. Butter grater

crazy japanese products 20

21. Splash protector for the hairs… the most bizarre one from the list

crazy japanese products 21

22. Wedding countdown…oh wait a sec, this one is the most bizarre.

crazy japanese products 22

23.  Square watermelons are the last item on the crazy Japanese inventions list.

crazy japanese inventions 23

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