20 Hilarious Flyer Responses That Are So Dumb They’re Actually Witty

flyer responses feat (1)

You be surprised to hear that flyers are still a big thing in the world. especially in college. Every college student or anyone who ever went to college know that there are hundreds of flyers spread around campus.

Forget the fact that every man on earth has a mobile phone and he can literaly just post the same content of the flyer on any online board or forum, but still, people love hanging flyers around campus or on trees offering services or stuff for sale.

This post is about these flyers, but with a twist, we found 20 hilarious flyer responses pictures and we share them with you. What are flyer responses? These are flyers that someone posted in response to another flyer, and yes, usually the response is funny AF!

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1. I’m a UCSD student making stick figures – LOL

flyer responses 1 (1)


2. This is not a funny flyer response, this is brutal. Someone lost their pet

flyer responses 2 (1)

3. And the whole area around the door was filled with urine

flyer responses 3 (1)

4. It’s just a funny coincidence

flyer comebacks 4 (1)

5. Love this, the funniest of the flyer responses

flyer comebacks 5 (1)


6. Well he’s not wrong

flyer comebacks 6 (1)

7. LOL – Great way to get a cheap iPod touch

flyer comebacks 7 (1)

8. Was it the boogie man? The door shouldn’t be alarmed

flyer comebacks 8 (1)

9. Because it’s way more fun to destroy a snowman people

posts responses 9 (1)


10. I hate grammar nazies

posts responses 10 (1)

11. Hilarious flyer response offering a joint to relieve stress

posts responses 11 (1)

12. Keep being awesome and eat whatever you like

posts responses 12 (1)

13. The machine thanks you for the food

posts responses 13 (1)


14. OMG! Did they actually eat the cat? Or is this another cruel joke? Probably a joke

note responses 14 (1)

15. Love this response flyer, it’s very witty and funny

note responses 15 (1)

16. This flyer is a big fat lie

note responses 16 (1)

17. Well obviously you can’t drink coffee with a knife and fork. Stupid sign

note responses 17 (1)

18. This was pretty much asking for it, no surprise there

note responses 18 (1)


19. So how much for a chocolate bar?

note responses 19 (1)

20. No. We won’t, don’t worry

flyer responses 20 (1)

21. Trying to spell toilet

flyer responses 21

We know these will probably only be funny to college students, but why not give them a reason to laugh right?