20 Passive Aggressive Office Notes That Can Actually Start a War

funny Office Notes 15

There are numerous things that happen inside a workplace every day and there are people who just love making commotions all day to get it through their somewhat boring work day. Let’s face it, some days just seem to never end and you can’t just really sit there and not throw a piss tantrum.

To let go some of that anger, you can always start an office notes war with some passive aggressive sticky notes. What better way to deal with someone who keeps on eating your donut from the fridge when you clearly had your name on it ( I’m looking at you Phil! ) or someone who keeps on using your pens without asking permission ( God dammit Phil!! ) is to leave an anonymous note and blurting your disappointment.

But if you think this will solve your problems, you are apparently wrong because you are quite about to ignite a fire for a silent war.

Take a look at the list of passive aggressive office notes below to see what we mean:

1. Passive Aggressive office notes kick off with this lol

funny Office Notes 1


2. Why do people put names on food? To make it more personal when you eat it

funny Office Notes 2

3. Bob Marley printer, genius!

funny Office Notes 3

4. Programmers are like animals in the zoo

funny Office Notes 4

5. BURN!

funny Office Notes 5


6. You should really take your font game to the next level Phil!

funny Office Notes 6

7. Everyone checked the note, that’s great

funny Office Notes 7

8. LOL – clever notes, love the attitude

funny Office Notes 8

9. Stealing the pen for ransom money

funny Office Notes 9


10. Getting philosophical with the printer

funny Office Notes 10

11. Not even one day

funny Office Notes 11

12. Everything else is Debbies

funny Office Notes 12

13. Clever use of real world and paper

funny Office Notes 13


14. This can just go on forever

funny Office Notes 14

15. There are more than 1 Dave in the office apparently

funny Office Notes 15

16. The milk is a spoiled brat, we should have payed more attention to close the fridge door when he was younger

funny Office Notes 16

17. When too many people steal your RedBull

funny Office Notes 17

18. Said the guy who needs to fix the copier broken button

funny Office Notes 18


19. People leaving notes to a dead cricket on the floor

funny Office Notes 19

20. what startled it?

funny Office Notes 20

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